Now that the new FCC Commissioner is going to killed net neutrality, and because our 45th President does not care, expect to feel pain all around. This affects business and people differently and similarly. So let’s go through some of the most common and expected results of this devastating affect.

It will be harder to get good content.

Since many broadband providers own media channels, they will essential incentives you watching their media over others. For example, Comcast will incentivise customers to watch NBC shows on CBS. If anything they can block CBS content on customer’s internet service. If your company produces digital media, ISPs can simply block your content. They will most likely require you to pay more to get your content out there.

Your Digital Subscriptions will go up

We love Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more right. With net neutrality dead, Companies like Comcast will charge Netflix more so we don’t have to buffer the next season of House of Cards. As a result, Netflix charges more for subscriptions, and we pay the price.

Independent Content will be hard to find

If you a small company the produces it own content or an independent blogger. Your days are done. Companies like Comcast and Google will hide your website if you don’t pay their outrageous fees.

Here the one businesses care about.

Will lose business if you are not a fortune 500 company. Small and medium business rely on the internet to level the playing field a bit. If you own a fashion company, but you’re not carried in department stores, and you’re not Ivanka Trump, you need net neutrality. If you sell anything, you need to be easily found and accessible on the internet. This means small retailers will get pushed to the back of big business.

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