Intel is Working on a New Cooling System
April 4, 2017

Scientist from Duke University and Intel have come up with a brand new way of keeping high performance electronics cool. The plan to fill their insides with bouncing water droplets. I know that conventional wisdom tells you that water and electronics do not get along well. But this system could keep high performance electronics cool, ...

Facebook Stories Review: Not as Fun as Snapchat
April 3, 2017

So Facebook release its own story telling picture slide show. It has all the feature of Snapchat and the photos disappear overtime. This is an attempt by the social media giant to keep users engaged on their app. However; while it is nice to have, I did not see much of a point to it. ...

Space X Makes History
March 31, 2017

Space X launched another rocket into space to deliver a satellite, however, this average space launch is of historical significance. The reason being is that the nose cone used at the top of the rocket came back and landed. Well why is that historic? Because typically all the comes back from these rockets is the ...

Thanks Republicans for Selling Us Out: Republicans End Internet Privacy Rules
March 30, 2017

Well now there is absolutely no privacy on the internet, and all your data is going to the highest bidder. Republicans end internet privacy, because they were bought off to do so. Remember the early days of the internet with a steady bombardment of ads and pop ups. They are likely to return, but in ...

Compulink Meets HPE Executives
March 28, 2017

Compulink met with executives of Hewlett Packard Enterprise to discuss bring HPE solutions to market in New York State. We met with the SLED executives and directors specifically. SLED stands for State, Local, Education, Division. We discus bring HPE solution to the public sector within New York City and State. HPE has developed programs to ...

VMware’s Guide To Cloud Based Disaster Recovery
March 28, 2017

VMware published a post that give you a brief guide on the things you need to consider when using cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. Cloud-based disaster recovery is becoming more and more used because of its cost efficiency. Also using a public cloud for disaster recovery puts a lot of the liability on the company providing ...

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