Cybersecurity Trends You Need To Know

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). This is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness on the importance of cybersecurity and the growing concerns of security threats to both private and public organizations.

In honor of NCSAM, here are some concerning data of cybersecurity:

  • By 2021, cybercriminals are projected to cost the global economy more than $6 trillion annually, up from $3 trillion in 2015. This trend is more prevalent in the business sector. (Fox Business)
  • 20% of IT security leaders said their organizations got hit six or more times annually, and 80% stated they had experienced at least one cybersecurity incident over the past 12 months so severe that it required a board-level meeting. (Source: IronNet)
  • Nearly two-thirds of security professionals in a separate survey believe that their organization will have to respond to at least one major cybersecurity breach over the next 12 months. (Black Hat USA)
  • 77% of IT Security leaders anticipate a major breach involving a critical infrastructure organization in the near future. Only 21% of the study participants believe the government is prepared to respond to such a breach. (Black Hat USA)

These are alarming facts regarding attitudes from IT Security leaders. A breach in cybersecurity can have a wide-range of effects to organizations from minor setback to debilitating costly effects that can cause layoffs. Either way, it is crucial to adopt not only a cybersecurity solution, but enforce best practice as well within your organization.