“Midnight Runs”

Compulink delivered 1200 computers (3600 items in total) to a Government client with 100% Client Satisfaction.   Business as normal for Compulink, however there is more to the story.  What appeared to be a normal procurement was deceiving, as several requirements and roadblocks affectively made delivery a challenge.  Compulink was required to break the delivery into four nightly runs at Midnight, into a Union restrictive building that was undergoing a complete renovation.

Securing a solid relationships with the Building Management, the Truckers, the Elevator crew, the Security Guards and Union labor, Compulink was able to coordinate and complete the delivery on time and within budget to the absolute satisfaction of the client.

Facing a host of logistical issues with tenacity is how Compulink built its reputation and delivers quality service.  For this assignment, we put our plan together and executed flawlessly.