Compulink and Freshworks Streamline IT Support for Public University


Schools and universities today must go above and beyond to provide positive experiences for students and faculty members. This is critical for attracting top talent, and staying relevant in the ultra-competitive higher education market. Student and faculty experience is now a major driver in education, much like customer experience in the business arena.

If there’s one area that needs improvement across the board, though, it’s help desk support. Many schools today are struggling with help desks that are highly unreliable and ineffective because they are relying on outdated systems and processes— an issue that commonly leads to complaints and negative reviews.

One institution that looked to improve their help desk was a public university which we shall refer to as University Client. So, University Client turned to IT solutions provider Compulink for support.

Compulink equipped University Client with the Freshservice ITSM service from their partner Freshworks. Freshservice is an easy-to-use, and simple-to-configure IT service desk that sits in the cloud. This service automates repetitive tasks, freeing support teams to focus on higher level issues that require a human touch. This in turn lowers response times and boosts productivity.

In addition, Freshservice maintains detailed records of contracts, hardware, software, and other assets for IT, providing further backend support. It also features a modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training, and is customizable to IT and non-IT needs which is helpful for student employees and busy faculty members.

Thanks to Freshservice and Compulink, University Client can now avoid silos and deliver exceptional experiences.

“Through this partnership, [University Client] will be able to utilize Freshservice to avoid the repetitive and arduous tasks for the support teams, as well maintain accurate records of IT equipment,” said Rafael Arboleda, CEO of Compulink Technologies.

Compulink is now offering free trials for FreshDesk

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Compulink Manages A Leading Transit Agency's Network Health


The IT environments of any sized institution are no simple matter. This is especially true for Enterprise-sized institutions such as government agencies.  Organizations of this magnitude require an extensive amount of maintenance, support, and coordination to operate successfully.  A transportation agency which we shall refer to as Agency in New York City was in need of an IT Contractor that will be responsible for managing the maintenance of Cisco equipment being used agency wide. This is to ensure the manufacturer provide immediate solutions, hardware replacements, technical support and no lapses in coverage so their operations can run sufficiently.

The Compulink team collaborated with Cisco Systems to develop a Smartnet Contract for the AGENCY.  Cisco Smartnet maintenance was the AGENCY’s best fit in order to ensure network connectivity and hardware issues are efficiently addressed by Cisco.  Together, Compulink, Cisco, and the AGENCY developed a robust contract where Compulink carried the responsibility of managing all Cisco Smartnet maintenance for a 7-year period that spanned to all of the AGENCY’s locations within New York.

In the contract, Compulink was responsible for the following:


Coordinated Escalation


When the AGENCY had an issue with their network connectivity or had failures in their hardware, they would open a ticket with the Cisco TAC (technical support) team.  The Compulink Team, as the contract administrators, would provide oversight of the ticket and ensured they were promptly resolved. We would provide escalation to Cisco management team if tickets are not resolved within a timely manner and/or if AGENCY does not receive a satisfactory solution to their problem.


Inventory Management


Compulink provided oversight on the AGENCY inventory and would closely monitor their equipment.  If any Cisco hardware, such as switches or routers would require replacement due to failures or pending end-of-life status, Compulink would quickly find the necessary replacements to ensure the network remains intact without error.  Compulink Technologies overlooked modifications, additions, and removal of equipment within the network. We ensured that all equipment (new and replaced) have maintenance coverage.


End User Support


If an end-user from AGENCY would require immediate support on their network connectivity or dashboards, the Compulink team would open a ticket on their behalf and escalated to the responsible parties to get a resolution. The Compulink Team also assist AGENCY with Cisco configuration, new technology recommendations, and any hardware and software related questions.


The 7-year contract has been fulfilled and came to an end.  However, thanks to the dependable, consistent service of Compulink Technologies, the agency continues to work with Compulink on all their Cisco Smartnet needs.

Compulink Refreshes a Higher Education Institution's Network


In any organization, consistent technological upgrades are vital.  In the case of educational institutions, it is important for the IT environment to be intact, updated, and secure to prevent inefficiencies in their academic productivity.

In 2020, a New York City-based University solicited a project for a wireless network upgrade including a new core switch solution and 1000 access points campus wide.  Compulink Technologies was selected to fulfill the 31-building campus wide project because of our competitive pricing and premium-quality services.  Our team provided all Cisco wireless project equipment and we deployed a team of two technical engineers and four installers to implement the campus-wide wireless solution.

Compulink Technologies worked closely with this university client.  The University client required enterprise-level scalability which Compulink was able to provide.  Due to the large size of the campus with 31 buildings, Compulink collaborated the IT team to map out the campus wireless network.  The pre-design phase allowed Compulink to efficiently locate the positions of the new access points and provide accurate new designs by floor and building including heat maps.

As this was a two-part solution, installation and configuration of access points and providing a new wireless network solution with a new core, many complexities had to be taken account for and planned out thoughtfully.  A separate team was provided by Compulink for the core component of the project.  The scope of the core project comprised of the following: network design, staging, migration from old core switch, installation of new Cisco core switch, production go-live support, post deployment support and project closure documentation.

Some of the benefits of installing Cisco Meraki’s latest products include Wi-Fi 6.  Wi-Fi 6 enables high speed wireless internet access over a large population.  By incorporating Wi-Fi 6 into their IT environment, students and teachers can engage their academic resources and tools online with high speed internet access.  Additionally, Wi-fi based communication and cloud connectivity for end-users can improve.  Overall the quality of educational engagement improves thanks to the upgrade to Wi-Fi 6.

The project is still currently ongoing despite the delays of the COVID19 Pandemic.  Compulink Technologies is working safely on-site and remote to fulfill the campus-wide wireless network solution.

Compulink Helps Institutions with Social Distancing During CoronaVirus Pandemic

The COVID 19 Pandemic has caused a shock to the global economy.  It is a highly contagious, sometimes fatal virus that can spread just by being in the same vicinity as those affected.  Because of this, societies all around the world have been practicing social distancing.  And public institutions such as government agencies and transit authorities are no exception.  While the “government” is often seen as a single body that holds society together, each agency is comprised of thousands of individual employees that are prone to infection.

As a result of this, public institutions that Compulink closely works with have gone remote and needed assistance.  Compulink Technologies is not unfamiliar with crisis preparation, so we used our capabilities and experience to become a resource to our clients.

Multiple agencies that we work with wanted remote-enabled hardware such as laptops, docking stations; cloud-based communications tools such as Cisco Webex; and remote connectivity tools such as RSA Single-Sign on immediately.  Because of the emergency status of the pandemic, these items were in extreme limited stock from the warehouses we work with. As a valued supplier of the public sector, Compulink Technologies had access to reserve IT stock that was meant solely for government agencies during the COVID19 Pandemic. 

The Compulink team worked closely with manufacturers and clients to find the right items in high quantities (thousands of users in each institution) and deliver the items successfully to the clients.

The Pandemic comes with market panic where people stock up essential home items and business supplies hardware such as laptops and notebooks.  These are necessary tools to work successfully and keep operations going.  Thanks to our dedicated Compulink teammates, and the supply chain we work with, the operations of multiple public institutions are still ongoing and the government is intact despite the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We would like to thank the public institutions we work with for keeping operations going in the midst of social distancing and ensuring our public infrastructure remains functional.

Compulink Helps Large Government Agency With Windows 10 Migration

In 2020, Windows 7 has entered its End-of-Life phase. What this means is that Microsoft will no longer provide support or updates for Windows 7 systems. Having an unsupported and outdated operating system (or any technology) can leave room for security vulnerabilities and an increase in failures for users if they do not upgrade to the latest version, in this case Windows 10. For large organizations, government agencies and businesses, an upgrade such as a Windows 10 Deployment can be a preventative measure against costly cyberattacks and inefficiencies.

Compulink Technologies has worked closely with a large government agency that we shall refer to as “Client” here. The Client was an enterprise sized organization that needed to outsource this Windows 10 deployment project rather than upgrade it in-house due to the intense resources required for it. Because of the need to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance work efficiency through updated software on such a large scale, the agency worked with Compulink for their Windows 10 deployment.

The Compulink team worked closely with client to customize a scope of work suitable for their work environment and operations. For this project, Compulink deployed a field team to work closely with the other vendors and the government agency client on upgrading their IT. The scope of the project included the following:

  • Deployment of Windows 10 throughout the entire agency
  • Hardware refresh for Desktops and Monitors

Such a large scale deployment project with an agency of this size in a short period of time was no simple task. The agency and its employees had to continue their operations despite going through a massive system upgrade. So the Compulink team had to be adaptive, flexible, and communicative with the client’s team.


Read client's testimonial below:

I would like to personally thank you and the Compulink team for a job well done for [Client’s Agency] in the deployment of Windows 10. The Compulink staff was instrumental in the deployment of Windows 10 to over 1000 users with 1100 Desktops and 2200 monitors at [Client] offices within a 90-day time frame.

The team was extremely cooperative and skilled in the deployment; Compulink management was very responsive in the changing needs of [client]. The technical staff was proactive in alerting [client] project management on potential issues and providing suggestions with addressing them.

As the project manager at Compulink, you were always on top of the inventory and potential roadblocks and were sure to communicate any possible slip in the schedule. Equally important, Compulink was flexible in addressing needs outside of the scope, provided they fit within the timeline and did not compromise the in scope objectives. Our user community had extremely positive feedback on the entire Compulink team.

I would highly recommend Compulink to others looking for technical services delivery on time and according to specifications.

The rollover and hardware refresh project was finished within the allotted 90-day agreement. And the government agency is currently using Windows 10. As more government agencies are upgrading to Windows 10 in 2020, they know they can rely on the Compulink Technologies Team for their reliability, flexibility, and client-centric approach.


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Compulink Helps Rising Startup Glide Into The Cloud

An emerging startup was growing in size with a stark increase in revenue and employee size. Their employee count went from 100 to 250 within two years. Their data was stored in free cloud services unintended for businesses and they had a difficult time with this data storage. Additionally, as the business was growing in size, the leadership of this organization was concerned about uncontrollable events such as poor weather conditions and blizzards in that season.

A Business Development Representative from Compulink Technologies Inc. made contact with the IT Department from this company and asked the right questions about what their needs were. The IT Department and the Compulink Team collaborated on assessing the technical environment of this startup, and what they needed. Together they agreed that although the company qualifies for the “Jump” package, the “Glide package” with Microsoft 365 licensing would benefit them.

The company and Compulink began developing the cloud environment together. Compulink Technologies was able to:

  • Assist the client with data migration from their previous network to our new Cloud reserve
  • Install Office 365 Basic apps on all computers
  • Provide the client with collaborative software, internal portals, and internal social networking to boost collaboration among the staff
  • Provide 1TB/User from OneDrive as well as an additional unlimited backup storage per user.
  • Provided a Platform as a Service (PaaS) tool that allowed employees to build and design apps for internal use without needing to know how to program.
  • Compulink Technologies installed a powerful workflow automation tool in the company’s network
  • Installed Endpoint Security Device Management, Advanced Threat Protection on the client’s cloud network
  • The clientele had a content creation and design app with collaborative capacities.
  • The client obtained information protection, message encryption, rights management, and data loss prevention.
  • We installed a collaborative video streaming service to boost communication.
  • The client decided it was best to adopt disaster recovery in their business and we helped them with their recovery backup which includes: Off-site emergency backup and recovery, disaster recovery planning and testing, Enterprise server continuity, failover server, emergency response, and warranty support for basic support.

Thanks to this extensive and productive collaboration, the client was able to pioneer the business sector by adopting the Cloud Reserve. Their costs on servers and infrastructure management were reduced, their data was protected and their productivity was boosted via the collaborative tools Compulink Technologies was able to provide. The team at Compulink Technologies maintains regular communication with this client by having weekly contact in order to ensure the cloud lifecycle is optimal, and functional. We continue to service them to this day.

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NonProfit Organization - Education
and Family Services Center

  • Compulink Technologies serviced a local community organization to enhance their IT Infrastructure. The project involved the following.
  • We were contracted to facilitate the relocation of the entire main office in a time span of seven months. During this process, we managed every aspect of the project including the employment of outside consultants to plan the HVAC, A/V and security systems.
  • Our consultants researched as well as tested the products and solutions in order to successfully architect a network system for 300 users. This involved procuring all the necessary hardware and software as well as integrating Avaya IP Office and Microsoft Exchange Enterprise.
  • We successfully designed a new data center to support the data storage needs of all 17 school locations.
  • Over 300 runs of cable for 2 floors; local Area Network backbone cabling between wiring closets on multiple floors; new MDF for Verizon from the sub-basement to IT rooms were all conducted and implemented by our experienced engineers.
  • We continue to maintain all of this client’s locations throughout all five New York City boroughs to this day. Compulink Technologies maintains and support all sites and provide efficient consultation of their network and database. We support all their cybersecurity efforts.
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A leading Construction firm was
contracted to work with an agency
in the New York State Government

  • The firm was providing construction logistics and their client, the government agency, also needed to upgrade the technical solutions aspect of their organization. The contracted construction firm subcontracted Compulink Technologies Inc. (CTI) to address the technical solution aspects of this large government agency. After being subcontracted by the construction firm, CTI assessed with the government agency that their needs are to upgrade the server infrastructure, implement VPN between sites, and implement Microsoft BranchCache.
  • In this large project, CTI accomplished the following:
  • Compulink designed, planned and fully implemented a network overhaul to modernize the existing network, add a second location, provide VPN access and file sharing between the two sites.
  • Configured firewalls for site to site VPN
  • Deployed Microsoft Windows servers at each location
  • Configured AD, DHCP, DNS, Server Roles
  • Migrated data from the prior server to new server
  • Implemented and configured Microsoft BranchCache to allow for real-time synchronization of files across sites for local access to content.
  • As a result of this project, this government agency was able to strengthen their network and cyber security; improving their internal knowledge sharing, and broader quality of service to the public. Thanks to having collaborated with CTI, the construction firm was able to strengthen their relationship with the governing and all parties were benefited as a result.
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Higher Education Institute

A large university had difficulty maintaining
a safe and uninterruptible power supply
which placed their data center at risk

  • The team at Compulink Technologies assessed the situation and recommended a solution including design, installation, testing and validation. Here is how we facilitated the project:
  • We conducted four visits to plan and coordinate the installation
  • We conducted four onsite meetings with all the stakeholders including manufacturers and technical professionals.
  • We began with assessments of the client’s existing infrastructure
  • We designed the new electrical system and detailed all requirements necessary to transfer the school’s data center to a safer and greater capacity electrical environment.
  • We planned in detail the implementation of the new system upgrade. Our engineers installed the new UPS, tested the system to the full satisfaction of the client and completed the installation safely in less than 24 hours.
  • At the end of this project, the academic institution we serviced had a secure IT infrastructure and now has the sufficient power supply for sustainable growth.
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Business Sector

Compulink Technologies Serviced
a Leading Law Firm

  • The client needed assistance with relocation of their entire database as well as additional technical equipment. This is how we helped empower this client’s IT Infrastructure:
  • We managed the relocation of their whole database to a collocation data center.
  • We provided the procurement, installation, and configuration for the new location.
  • Our senior staff engineer was involved in this project for a five-month period, where he assessed the issue, consulted the client, constructed an inventory, configured the equipment and implemented the entire project.
  • To this day our senior staff engineer is also providing remote support on top new configurations for this client’s expansion and helping them stay updated.
  • Compulink set up 4 blade servers, an EMC SAN, a Cisco ASA Firewall with load balancing, on top of setting up a terminal service between co-location and customer site.
  • We continue to serve this client and maintain their IT infrastructure to date.
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Compulink Technologies is an MBE Certified Firm that has been bringing top-notch IT Service solutions to businesses and government agencies across the nation since 1986.

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