The health and well being of the general public is our top concern.  As the economy reopens from the stay-at-home orders from the COVID19 Pandemic, it is important that we adopt hybrid technologies that can enable on-premise and remote staff to collaborate productively.
In times like this, it is highly recommended that you help your staff work find a balanced solution between remote work and on-premises work.  Keeping a low amount of staff in the office is an effective method of keeping business productivity high.
Compulink Technologies is a longstanding multi-brand IT Solutions provider that can provide consultations for your team and the steps you can take to work remotely.  The safety and well being of all individuals everywhere should be our top priority.

It is important to have to following solutions to work remote:

Remote IT Security

The rise of remote work makes it more important than ever to remain vigilant and secure against outside threats.  Gain the ability to detect, remove, and segment access rights management to endpoint to help reduce the likelihood of outside threats.  If your users are remote and using personal devices, it's critical to make sure your organization is on top of its IT security.

Video Conferencing

When we are all social distancing and not meeting each other physically, communication tools such as video conferencing is important and essential now more than ever.  At Compulink, we have access to Cisco Webex which is a secure videoconferencing solution from a leading IT Manufacturer.  This is an all-in-one communication solution that includes chat, calling, and meetings into a single application.  Cisco Webex also incorporates Voicea as an AI voice assistant that takes notes of your meetings.

Endpoint Devices

Hardware and endpoint devices are difficult to find right now.  Through our strong advocacy and longstanding partnerships, we are able to find the products and devices your business needs.  Contact us to learn more!

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Compulink Technologies is an MBE Certified Firm that has been bringing top-notch IT Service solutions to businesses and government agencies across the nation since 1986.

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