The Cost-Effectiveness of Managed Print

The subscription based model has become a common way to purchase goods and services in our modern “As-A-Service” era of Information Technology. This includes, but is not limited to Managed Print Services. Managed Print is a solution where, rather than purchasing a printer(s) as a one time hardware purchase, your print environment is regularly monitored by an external vendor. Here are four benefits to cost that comes with Managed Print:

  1. Less Consumption
    In your typical print environment, there is widespread consumption of paper and electricity. Most of the paperwork do not get used at all.

    Managed print can centralize printing assets into fewer printers with maintenance of print usage quantity. The centralization of the printing hub can reduce the need for printing supplies and fewer machines can lead to less intensive usage of electricity.
  2. IT Costs
    Outsourcing Managed Print can free up your IT Department into focusing on network security, and the broader IT environment.

    Typically when a print situation occurs, the IT Professionals are sent to deal with the issue right away. Under a Managed Print Service, your provider will handle everything, allowing your organization’s IT environment to remain secure. All this would be included in the Managed Print subscription model as well.
  3. Improved Equipment Upgrades
    Typically, companies and organizations wait for their printers to reach End-of-life (EOL) before refreshing their printers. This involves a large purchase of new hardware upfront having an immediate impact on the budget (affecting other areas of the operations.)

    Under a Managed Print Service, refreshing your equipment will be taken care of with a high degree of stability. If you are running low on toner or your printer is reaching end of life, the service provider will be closely monitoring these and consult you accordingly.
  4. Consolidated Vendor and Spending
    With MPS, you are working with one sole vendor for the entire print solution. This means one invoice for your accounting department. Additionally, this also means that you are eligible for volume pricing. Rather than purchase multiple hardware from different vendors with less overall discounts, you can obtain bulk discounts from one invoice.

Overall, Managed Print helps consolidate your print environment into one organized strategy. Collaborating with a Managed Print Provider can enable you to closely monitor your print supplies and health while also reducing time spent on it. Monthly subscription on managed print can help make print budgeting more predictable as your supply needs are immediately addressed.