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Compulink Technologies Inc. Associated With Omnia Partners

Compulink Technologies Inc., the distinct honor of offering its comprehensive suite of IT services through Omnia’s expansive contract network.

As a partner under the Omnia contract, Compulink can leverage its formidable technical expertise and diligence – demonstrating leadership to provide tailored solutions that tackle the complex technological challenges of organizations across a wide range of sectors.

Whether transitioning to cloud architectures, reinforcing cybersecurity measures, optimizing network infrastructures, or providing continuous technical support, the diverse services enable clients to streamline operations, boost productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape. Backed by Omnia’s vast collaborative purchasing network, Compulink Technologies Inc. is uniquely deposited to furnish exceptional value and unwavering support to guests on a civil scale.

Know Benefits Of Omnia Partner Contract:

1. Simplified Procurement-

Streamlined Handle: OMNIA Accomplices provides ready-to-use amicable contracting, eliminating the need for proposals and RFPs. This saves time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on critical tasks.

2. Cost savings

Significant Reserve funds: With the purchasing power of over 500,000 people, OMNIA Accomplice contracts provide significant tax reductions. Individuals can save $500-$1,000 per contract in regulatory costs, accumulating significant reserve funds each year.

3. Increased efficiency

-Optimized Obtainment: Access to a diverse range of contracts from top providers improves the acquisition process, allowing enterprises to achieve their goals less easily.

4. Better Decision Making

-Spend Perceivability: OMNIA Accomplices provides detailed statistics, advertising insights, and streamlined operations.

Why Choose Compulink? Contact Us:

Take advantage of the streamlined procurement process and significant savings offered through Compulink Technologies Inc.’s OMNIA Partners contract. By partnering with us, you gain access to top-tier products and services without the hassle of lengthy bids. Contact us today or email sales@compu-link.com to get started.

Discover how our expert support and tailored solutions can transform your procurement strategy and deliver exceptional value. Partner with Compulink through OMNIA Partners and elevate your organization’s purchasing power


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Fiber Optics Cable: Installation, Types, and Its Cost

One can connect all types of digital infrastructure via fiber optics cable installation. It helps ensure the seamless and cost-effective distribution of optical telecommunication traffic to end users. Given the surging demand and use of fiber optics cables, almost every commercial and residential place now has access to high-speed internet connectivity.

This informative guide explores the types of fiber optics cable, its installation process, and its cost. But before that, let’s brush up on what fiber optics are.


Fiber Optic Cables: What Are They?

As thin as human hair, glass or plastic fibers make up the strands of fiber optic cables. A buffer coating and cladding material enclose the cables’ central glass core. Fiber backbone cabling transfers light instead of electronic signals, similar to how conventional coaxial and twisted pair lines do. Fiber optics cables bring you the following benefits:

  1. Exceptional bandwidth; Non-flammable
  2. High Reliability (Given the resistance to electromagnetic interference)
  3. The signal transmission distance is hundreds of times greater than that of copper wire.
  4. In contrast to copper wire, it is much lighter and thinner.

Installing Fiber Optics Cable

installing fiber optics

When planning for fiber optics cables installation in your commercial/residential place, remember these pointers:

Step 1:

First, you must decide which kind of cable best suits your requirements. Single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables are the two basic varieties. Go for multi-mode optic cables if you intend for close-quarters transmissions. Nevertheless, single-mode fiber optic cables are the ideal choice for long-distance transmissions.

Step 2:

After selecting the appropriate kind of cable, you must get the cable ready for installation. The outer jacket, as well as the inner coating, must be stripped. Moreover, a fiber optic cleaver will be required to sever the cable ends precisely.

Step 3:

You can begin installing the cable when it has been prepped. Running the wire via the intended path and attaching it to the appropriate termination points are required for this.

Note: It’s crucial to adhere carefully to the manufacturer’s guidelines because installing fiber optic cables might be a challenging task. However, installing fiber optic cable in your residence or place of business becomes simple when you plan ahead and hire a contractor.

Types of Fiber Optic Cables

The refractive index, material, and method of light propagation can all be used to categorize optical fiber cables. So, the several types of fiber optics cables are:

Step Index Fiber Optics
  • Here, the refractive index is constant both at the core’s middle and at its ends. 
  • Even though light travel is a little chaotic now, it will inevitably all move at the same pace. 
Graded Index Optical Fiber
  • The refractive index varies significantly from the core’s center to its extreme values close to the cladding. 
  • Since the center has the highest refractive index relative to the other parts, light moves slowly through it.
Plastic Fiber Optics Cable
  • This has a silicone-based resin coating over a core made of polycarbonate or acrylic. 
  • Compared to glass optical fibers, they are more adaptable and bendable and can handle settings with a lot of vibration.
Photonic Glass Fiber Optics
  • The most typical kind of optical fiber cable has a glass core and glass or plastic cladding. 
  • In this form, a lot of light may pass through because of the high numerical aperture. 
  • Sensors and measurement equipment often use glass optical fiber.
Single-Mode Fiber Optics
  • In terms of transmission distance, single-mode fiber is the winner. 
  • It is employed in situations involving both short- and long-distance travel. 
  • Due to their small core sizes, only one type of light may pass through them. 
  • Any transceiver’s light ray can be more easily captured when there is a large core present. 
Multi-Mode Fiber Optics
  • Multi-mode optical fiber is a more affordable alternative to its single-mode counterpart. 
  • It is also simpler to install than other types, making it easily accessible. 


Fiber Optics Cables Installation Costs

Depending on the number of fibers, you can anticipate paying between $1 and $6 per linear foot for the installation of fiber optic cable, besides the price of connecting gear and terminations. However, making an estimation of the overall fiber optic cabling cost in an entire commercial or residential building can be a daunting task. For instance, Cat5/Cat5e fiber optics cables installation costs around $15,000-$30,000 on average for a commercial building with 100-200 drops.

Well, contrary to what others believe, fiber optic cable installation isn’t expensive at all. Ever heard or read about the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)? One of its units—the Research and Innovative Technology Administration—provides fiber optic cable installation costs for a range of programs and initiatives. Keep in mind that these initiatives might be substantially bigger than the average corporation.

Ending Note

The surging popularity and demand for optical fiber in developing nations like the US will soar due to the development of 5G. It is crucial to comprehend and select the proper kind of optical fiber for the application to which it will be put.

The meticulous installation will increase the overall transmission rates and aid in extending the optical fiber’s lifespan. So, intending to install fiber optics cables at your commercial/residential place any time soon? Connect with the most experienced and skilled fiber optics installer in the city.


Is fiber-optic cable good for the internet?

Simply said, YES. Compared to cable or DSL, it is significantly faster and more dependable. However, it also provides significant benefits like higher TV picture quality and no throttling.

Is fiber optic better than Wi-Fi?

When compared to Wi-Fi or wireless networks, fiber optic cables offer quicker data transmission. This gives fiber optic cables an edge over the speeds of the two networks. Fiber optic connections are resilient even during peak hours, unlike wireless networks that often get sluggish in such instances.

What are the key advantages of fiber optic cable?

The key advantages of fiber optics cables are as follows:

  • They carry and transmit more data than metal cables.
  • They are less vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation interference.
  • Compared to metal wires, they are smaller and lighter.
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How Is Compulink With F5 Transforming Public Sector Services?

The Public Sector undergoes a transformation in a context that demands efficient resource allocation and seamless citizen involvement. Compulink and F5 work together to support this evolution. This article explores how their relationship transforms important public services, revealing tactics and practical examples in healthcare, education, emergency response, and more. From improved citizen safety to streamlined healthcare delivery, it covers it all.

Learn how cooperative efforts and cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing government services for the people, one industry at a time.

Public Sector Services That Compulink Strives To Transform With F5 Solutions

Public sector organizations worldwide must simultaneously deal with outdated systems and constrained finances while providing services focused on citizens’ needs. Innovative solutions that improve security, facilitate agility, and streamline operations are needed in this complicated landscape. Compulink and F5 collaborate in this crucial area to pave the way for a revolutionized public sector experience.

1. Citizen Services

Consider using simple, secure portals to communicate with government offices, obtaining essential information whenever needed, and easily completing forms and applications. This is made feasible via F5 and Compulink.

Compulink creates safe citizen portals that enable automated procedures, streamlined service requests, and customized experiences by utilizing F5’s application safety and delivery technologies. This increases productivity while allowing citizens to interact with government services as they see fit.

2. Education And Healthcare Delivery

Compulink and F5 are reshaping the future of both sectors with products like telehealth consultations and safe online learning platforms. Underscoring accessibility and privacy, F5’s secure networking solutions facilitate the smooth exchange of vital data amongst hospitals, schools, and patients.

Simultaneously, scalable and economical platforms that address the changing requirements of patients and students are made possible by Compulink’s proficiency in cloud migration and application modernization.

3. Emergency Response and Public Safety

In an emergency, every second matters. To give first responders the resources and knowledge they need to act quickly and efficiently, Compulink and F5 collaborate. While Compulink’s experience with secure communications platforms enables smooth cooperation between emergency personnel, F5’s high- erformance solutions ensure dependable access to vital apps and data. All people’s public safety is improved, and this comprehensive approach saves lives.

4. Infrastructure and Resource Management

Compulink and F5 enable public bodies to use their resources effectively, from controlling traffic flow to
maximizing energy consumption. F5’s sophisticated traffic management solutions guarantee the efficient operation of metropolitan infrastructure, and Compulink’s data analytics powers offer useful insights for maximizing resource allocation. Enhanced traffic flow, lower energy expenses, and a more sustainable future for communities are all benefits of this cooperative strategy.

5. Accountability and Transparency

The foundations of sound government are transparency and trust. Compulink and F5 collaborate to improve civilian access to and comprehension of government data. Compulink’s data visualization tools turn complex data into understandable, actionable insights, while F5’s secure portals provide public information access. This promotes openness, increases confidence, and allows people to participate in decision-making. Compulink and F5 have a far deeper connection than just a single service.

Compulink and F5 Collaboration: Shaping The Future Of The Public Sector

Compulink and F5 have a cooperation that extends beyond short-term enhancements. It lays the groundwork for upcoming innovations. Public organizations can have the agility and flexibility to adjust to changing citizen needs and technology improvements by embracing an application-centric, cloud- ased strategy. By doing this, the public sector is guaranteed to stay responsive and relevant in the face of ever-shifting needs. Agility and efficiency in the public sphere flourish on safe, effective digital platforms.

Compulink, along with the application services know-how of F5, enables governments to close this disparity. Through a foundation of solid infrastructure and tried-and-true solutions, this partnership strengthens cybersecurity, optimizes resource allocation, and streamlines citizen interactions without making grandiose claims. What was the outcome? Public services have been transformed—not just digitized—by providing real advantages to governments and the general public.


The story of public sector services has been completely transformed by the revolutionary combination of Compulink’s experience and F5’s technology expertise.


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What Are Cybersecurity Services, And Why Do All Businesses Need It?

Businesses today are rapidly moving towards a digital ecology. This raises the possibility of cyber threats, which, if ignored, pose a major risk to enterprises. To combat these threats, businesses must use cybersecurity services software and solutions to safeguard their networks and data from unwanted access. However, managed security services can offer a practical alternative for companies that lack the knowledge and resources to administer these products. The need for cybersecurity services in New York and their benefits will be discussed in this article.

What Exactly Are Cybersecurity Services?

A wide range of solutions is included in cybersecurity services, designed to shield enterprises from online dangers. Examples of these include managed security services, cybersecurity software, and tools. These services aim to detect and stop illegal access to a company’s network and data. They can also assist firms in taking swift action in a security breach.

What Makes Commercial Entities Require Cybersecurity Services?

Cyber risks are an increasing worry for enterprises of all kinds in today’s digital world. A recent estimate predicts that by 2030, cybercrime will cost the world more than $6 trillion. This emphasizes how crucial cybersecurity services are in defending enterprises from these dangers.

Here are some major justifications for why companies want cybersecurity services:

1. Safeguarding Sensitive Information

Businesses gather and maintain a lot of sensitive data, including information about customers, finances, and proprietary company information. This information might be taken in a cyberattack, which would have severe consequences for the business and its customers. Cybersecurity services may help firms protect this sensitive data by implementing security measures to thwart illegal access.

2. Maintaining Adherence to Regulations

Businesses must abide by the rules and regulations for data security that are relevant to several industries. Fines and legal action may be imposed for breaking these regulations. Businesses may verify they meet these regulatory obligations and avoid trouble using cybersecurity services.

3. Maintaining Reputation

A data breach can damage a business’s reputation and erode client confidence. Customers are becoming more aware of the importance of data security and are keener to do business with organizations that prioritize it. By employing strong security measures and rapidly responding to any security events, cybersecurity services may help organizations defend their brand.

4. Minimizing Downtime

An extended period of downtime brought on by a cyber attack can negatively affect a company’s production and profitability. Cybersecurity services may help businesses save downtime and avoid serious harm by swiftly identifying and responding to threats.

5. Managing Cybersecurity Toolkits

Although organizations need cybersecurity services, managing tools for cybersecurity needed to execute them can be difficult. This is particularly true for small enterprises lacking the tools and knowledge to handle their cybersecurity requirements. Thankfully, managed security services can offer a practical answer. Managed security services entail giving a third-party provider control over a company’s cybersecurity. This service provider will manage all areas of the company’s cybersecurity, from putting security measures in place to handling security problems. Businesses can free up internal resources and concentrate on their core functions.

Software Services for Cyber Security

Many firms use cybersecurity software services in addition to tools for cybersecurity. With the aid of these solutions, organizations have access to specialist cybersecurity tools that can detect and stop security threats. Among the popular categories of cybersecurity software services are:

1. Antivirus Program

Antivirus software aims to identify and eliminate viruses, malware, and other harmful programs from a company’s network. By locating and eliminating any potential hazards, this software can assist businesses in preventing cyberattacks.

2. Firewall Applications

Software called a firewall is made to stop unauthorized users from accessing a network. Businesses can use this software to restrict incoming data from questionable sources and guarantee that only permitted users can access the network.

3. System for Detecting Intrusions

Software for intrusion detection is intended to identify any attempts to obtain unauthorized access to a network. Businesses can use this software to discover potential security problems and take preventative measures.

4. Software for Encrypting Data

Encryption software encrypts the data to prevent unauthorized people from reading sensitive information. This program can be used by businesses to encrypt their data and protect it from hackers.

5. Software for Detecting Vulnerabilities

Software that scans for vulnerabilities in a company’s network and systems is intended to do just that. Businesses can use this software to discover potential security concerns and take steps to reduce them. Using software for cybersecurity services, businesses can acquire specialized software to shield their operations from cyber dangers. These services can assist companies in keeping up with new security developments and ensure their systems’ security.

Solutions for Cyber Security in New York

Cybersecurity services are particularly crucial for firms in New York. New York is home to a wide range of businesses, many of which are in the very vulnerable banking and healthcare industries. To respond to this problem, New York State created several cybersecurity regulations that businesses must follow.

Businesses in New York must implement a range of cybersecurity safeguards, including:

  1. Performing routine risk evaluations
  2. putting multi-factor authentication into practice
  3. Encrypting private information
  4. providing staff with frequent cybersecurity training
  5. Limiting access to sensitive data by implementing access restrictions

Businesses may ensure they comply with these rules and are safe from cyber threats by partnering with a cybersecurity services provider in New York. These service providers may aid companies in putting the necessary security measures in place and offer continuing assistance to guarantee that their systems stay secure.

End Note

Cybersecurity solutions are crucial for companies of all sizes in the digital age. These services can aid companies in reducing downtime, adhering to regulations, protecting their data, and managing their reputation. Nevertheless, managing the tools necessary to implement cybersecurity safeguards can be difficult, particularly for small firms. Managed security and cybersecurity software services might offer a practical remedy.

Due to the numerous cybersecurity regulations that firms operating there must adhere to, cybersecurity services are essential for enterprises in this state. Businesses may use these services to safeguard their operations and protect themselves from cyber risks. Businesses must keep in mind that maintaining cybersecurity requires constant effort. Since cyber threats continuously change, businesses must stay current with the newest security techniques and technologies. Businesses may stay ahead of these risks and guarantee the security of their operations by utilizing cybersecurity services. By investing in cybersecurity services, businesses can safeguard their data, keep customers’ trust, and avert expensive security mishaps.


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Explore the Magic of Quest’s Toad Suite!

Getting into the field of effective database management opens doors to increased performance and productivity. This article briefly overviews the three potent tools—Toad for SQL Server, Toad for Oracle, and Toad for IBM DB2—that are part of Quest’s well-known Toad Suite.

Despite being customized for particular database requirements, all software is built on a foundation of outstanding functionality and user-friendliness. Additionally, Quest’s reliable partner, Compulink, is prepared to assist you with the acquisition process and ensure you have a smooth path to superior data management.

Await the revelation of Quest’s Toad Suite’s magic and learn how working with Compulink and Quest enables your company to thrive in the era of data-driven success.

Toad For Oracle

The only developer tool that facilitates team collaboration, streamlines workflow, lowers code defects and enhances code quality and performance is Toad® for Oracle.

-Revealing the Mysterious:

Toad for Oracle provides DBAs with a clear understanding of the complex inner workings of their Oracle databases. Its extensive schema browser effortlessly removes layers of complexity, facilitating the process of identifying links, monitoring dependencies, and identifying possible anomalies.

-Performance Optimization:

Toad’s profound comprehension of Oracle’s internal operations results in unmatched performance optimization. With surgical precision, its SQL tuning tools analyze queries to identify bottlenecks and provide optimizations that reduce execution times by milliseconds.

With Toad’s automation wizardry, tedious chores become a thing of the past. DBAs can focus on strategic endeavours and reach their full potential by crafting scripts to handle routine tasks.

Toad For SQL Server

Toad® for SQL Server offers comprehensive automation, user-friendly workflows, and integrated knowledge to optimize efficiency and minimize risks. By resolving important SQL Server issues, this extensive toolkit enhances Microsoft products and enables proactive management of numerous databases.

-Mastering Transact:

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) can be manipulated by the DBA with the help of Toad for SQL Server. While its syntax highlighting guarantees accuracy and clarity, its user-friendly query builder makes it easier to write complex queries.

-Performance Panache:

Toad not only controls performance but also astonishingly maximizes it. SQL Server runs like a well- oiled machine thanks to its performance monitoring tools, which keep a close eye on resource utilization and highlight opportunities for improvement. By automating routine tasks like schema synchronization and backups, Toad for SQL Server frees up DBAs to explore the strategic depths of database administration.

Toad For IBM DB2

With Toad® for IBM DB2, you can finish your daily DB2 administration duties fast and precisely. With over ten years of development experience and feedback from DB2 users, this powerful DB2 utility facilitates the automation of database administration. For the best application experiences and maximum database system performance, Toad for IBM DB2 is essential, regardless of whether your DB2 instances are hosted on-site or in the cloud.

-Identifying, Diagnosing, And Fixing Performance Bottlenecks:

The Spotlight on DB2 LUW component helps you quickly identify the underlying cause of system, database, or application performance problems and implement the necessary fixes. Your database management system’s overall performance will be enhanced quickly and simply.

-SQL Editor:

This software makes DB2 querying easier. Utilize the visual query builder to create SQL queries quickly and simply with a few keystrokes. Produce reports and queries more quickly and optimize and build SQL more quickly

With Toad’s automation features, repetitive chores become obsolete. DBAs can focus on strategic objectives and reach their full potential by having scripts do the repetitive tasks.

Collaboration Between Quest and Compulink: A Good News For Businesses!

More than just a set of tools, Toad Suite orchestrates every stage of your database lifecycle like a symphony of creativity. Toad Suite gives you the tools to fully utilize your data, from simplified development and administration to unmatched performance optimization and risk reduction. Compulink, your reliable guide, makes this data journey even more magical.

With Toad Suite, their group of knowledgeable database experts works, offering helpful advice and assistance as needed. So, use Compulink and Quest’s Toad Suite to take a revolutionary trip through the complexities of data administration. With the help of this strong partnership, you can unleash the potential of your databases by combining state-of-the-art technology with unshakeable experience.


With Quest’s Toad Suite, discover how data can change things. With the help of this extensive suite of tools, developers and administrators can create, maintain, and enhance Oracle and SQL Server databases with the skill of genuine digital alchemists. Boost productivity, protect sensitive data, and streamline development cycles from a user-friendly interface.

Uncover the Toad Suite difference and transform the ordinary into the amazing. For customized assistance and acquisition, get in touch with Compulink.

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3D low poly network communications background with plexus design

Compulink Technologies Inc. Approved as an Apple Authorized Reseller

Compulink Technologies Inc., a leading advanced technology solutions provider, today announced that it has been approved as an Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR). This approval allows Compulink Technologies Inc. to sell popular Apple® products including iPad® devices, MacBook® computers, Apple Watch® wrist wearable devices, plus other Apple products and accessories.

“As an Authorized Apple Reseller, we are now able to support organizations that utilize the Apple ecosystem,” said Rafael Arboleda, CEO at Compulink Technologies Inc.. “Since our founding, we have been committed to providing our customers with the very finest technologies. Adding Apple products and services to our portfolio enables us to meet customer needs like never before.”

Organizations interested in working with Compulink Technologies Inc. should contact marketing@compu-link.com or visit www.compu-link.comto learn more or get started.

About Compulink Technologies Inc.

Compulink Technologies Inc. is a leading industry provider of IT Procurement and Solutions, Network, Cloud and Managed Services. As a Certified Minority Owned Business for over 30 years, we have a proven track record of credibility and efficiency, in serving the public and private sectors nationally. Our services help organizations capitalize on today’s top technology solutions to improve performance and achieve greater success.

We have completed thousands of projects for the Government, Education, SMB, Enterprise, and Health Care and helped them achieve their full IT potential. Change is constant in the IT industry, but the one thing that will continue to remain the same is our dedication to helping our clients succeed.

About Apple

Apple Inc., is a multinational information technology corporation based in California, USA. The company produces consumer electronics, personal computers, and software. It is one of the largest IT companies in the world and it is often considered to be the most successful startup company of all time. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Apple’s five software platforms — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud.


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New York City Technology Forum 2023

The New York City Technology Forum is a place for tech companies to come together and explore the prevailing trends and developments in the field. It is a meeting point for public-sector professionals and leading industry partners to get inspired, discover advanced technologies, and collaborate on innovative approaches.

The event has been organized to celebrate the Best of New York City Award winners 2023. This year, Compulink has managed to earn a nomination among other top technology firms. With innovation at the theory core and a vision to transform the tech industry, Compulink was rightfully nominated for the event.

Keep reading to get a glimpse of what will unfold at the coveted event on November 27, 2023


General Session

The registration process for the event will be followed by opening remarks from industry stalwarts and the event organizers. Next, a general session organized to discuss the MyCity Portal will take place. The session will include detailed conversations regarding the revolutionary method of MyCity Portal in making NYC citizens engage with local government and access services.

The first general session will be followed by a networking break. After that, another general session will be held to discuss the strategies of the city in promoting skill development and empowering the workforce. The general sessions are open to everyone attending the event, and participants can also be a part of the transformative conversations.

The Grand Awards Ceremony

Finally, the most-awaited part of the event will take place. The awards ceremony will celebrate the top innovators in the tech sphere. A reception will follow the awards ceremony for all the winners and nominees to have a gala time.

The Next Day

The event will stretch till November 28, 2023. The next day will also begin with registration and morning refreshments. Once again, the industry experts and event organizers will begin with opening remarks.
Next, the keynote speaker of the day will appear on stage. For this year’s event, the keynote speaker will be John Register, a two-time Paralympic silver medalist. The speech will be about getting past challenges in an increasingly complicated world.

The speaker will influence and teach companies to embrace the new normal and empower teams to make the most out of opportunities by overcoming obstacles. It’s all about building a contextual model to beat adversity, manage change, and move past uncertainty. The session will deliver a strong message of strength and perseverance to view change as a growth opportunity.

Promoting the Welfare of the Modern IT Workforce

Another discussion will take place regarding the well-being of the contemporary workforce in a fast-paced world. This discussion comes in light of the growing importance of employee well-being in facilitating productivity. Therefore, it will be a learning experience for tech companies to create a successful and thriving environment for growth and innovation.

This discussion will be extremely beneficial for checking whether government IT leaders are doing their best to develop a culture of wellness for IT professionals. The session will also highlight all the important tools and programs to promote a balanced and healthy life for IT professionals. At the end of this discussion, attendees will get another networking break to build strong relationships in the industry.

Concurrent Sessions

From 11 a.m., several concurrent sessions will take place discussing important topics. For instance, one session will focus on the emergence of advanced technologies in the government space. Another concurrent session will look into the benefits of cloud computing technology and the positive environment triggered by different cloud services.

At 11:45 a.m., the lunch break will commence. After a one-hour lunch break, participants will once again come across multiple concurrent sessions to attend. In light of increasing cyber threats, one session will be dedicated to discussing cybersecurity efforts.

The session will explore the current situation of security threats and how to respond to them. Another discussion will take place to assess whether organizations are able to make the most out of data.
After a batch of concurrent sessions, an executive briefing by industry sponsors will take place. This will be followed by another networking break with ample opportunities for building connections.

Other Significant Discussions

Next, featured speaker Jack Shaw will take center stage to talk about the importance of digital transformation for the government. This interactive session will help identify the necessary tools to stay abreast of the competition and revolutionize the government. Another discussion will take place from 2:50 p.m. to throw light on how JSOC is strengthening the government’s potential to protect its infrastructure, institutions, and citizens.


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Ecuadorian Community Giveback & Premios Unidad: Compulink CEO Invited

The CEO of Compulink Technologies Inc., Rafael Arboleda, was invited to the Premios Unidad as a special guest and their official sponsor. In this event, the entire Ecuadorian community gathers and honors the achievements of Ecuadorian artists (singers, painters, etc.) together.

Rafael contributes to the community he belongs to by sponsoring their events and many other ways. Not only the award show but the Brigada de Esperanza, a nonprofit organization in NYC, has also recently invited Rafael to the Ecuadorian Independence Parade. The most recent event he participated in was the Ecuadorian Independence Parade in Jason Heights, Queens, NY. He donated to the NYC-based nonprofit organization – Brigada de Esperanza for the good cause of the Ecuadorian community.

Compulink’s CEO – Rafael’s Journey To Success

Rafael Arboleda, the CEO of Compulink, was born and raised in Ecuador. It was the late 1970s when he immigrated to the United States. No matter the cultural event, Rafael participates in them and contributes back to the NYC-based Ecuadorian community in NYC. While giving back as much as he can, Rafael pursued his entrepreneurial journey in the field of IT.

Rafael, in interviews, expressed how his experiences as an immigrant have made him a better entrepreneur and leader in today’s business world. According to Rafael, businesses must have diverse consumers and target audiences and reflect that in their business practices.

Compulink and Its CEO’s Contribution To the Ecuadorian Community

Over the years, Rafael has contributed to the Ecuadorian community in many ways. For the Compulink CEO, education and knowledge are the most important things in someone’s life. That’s why Rafael always donated computers to schools and libraries in Ecuador to help his community become more tech-savvy and educated. The CEO thinks that knowledge, especially based on technology, can make Ecuadorians shape a better future for themselves.

To further serve his community, Rafael extends his helping hand to people who need to acquire technological skills to succeed in today’s modern digital era. Launching computer proficiency sessions online and coding workshops are some of his ways of giving back to the community. Moreover, a few years ago, Rafael didn’t waste a second to step up for his community when they were affected by natural disasters.

Compulink’s CEOs’ Latest Invite To The Premios Unidad Event

Furthermore, Premios Unidad, an event sponsored by Rafael/Compulink, was also held. The Ecuadorian Community is brought together during this event, which also honors local musicians. A gala called Premios Unidad honors and grants awards to Ecuadorian artists and performers who live in both Ecuador and the United States. It acknowledges social and musical actors’ superior artistic achievement and contribution to the Ecuadorian music market, domestically and abroad.

The UNIDAD AWARDS Ecuadorian Music Awards (EMA) honor the creative contributions made to Hispanic music, particularly Ecuadorian music, by performers who call the US, EC, and EU home. The tri-state area, including NY, NJ, and Connecticut, is always up to innovative ways to plan and organize events for the Ecuadorian, rather Hispanic, community.

Premios Unidad History

HenrryP. Yanez, the founder and executive director of the Ecuadorian Artist Guild (a nonprofit organization), prepared and planned the production Premios Unidad. He started planning and managing its creation in September 2013, representing it as a social project within the enterprise, for which he has the support of Wilson Verdugo, the sub-director and co-founder of the organization, and Gabriel Castro, the director of marketing. He then presented the project to two young entrepreneurs.

About Compulink CEO

Rafael relocated to the US to attend college after finishing high school. He studied and mastered every concept of computer science after enrolling in one of the CS programs at Stanford University. His career as a software developer for a Silicon Valley startup began after he earned his Stanford degree with honors.

Rafael decided to launch his own business after some time. In 2010, he established Compulink Technologies Inc. Software for the healthcare sector, which was created by the business Compulink. The business expanded quickly, and it now has locations across many nations.

Ecuadorians Appreciate The Contributions of Rafael For Their Improved Lifestyle

Numerous immigrants look up to Rafael since he is a successful businessman. He shows that everyone, no matter how humble their upbringing, may achieve their dreams. In the tech sector, he fervently supports inclusion and diversity.

Without regard to one’s upbringing, he thinks everyone should be able to succeed. Ecuador and Rafael have a solid friendship. He participates in several philanthropic groups and events there during his frequent travels. His dedication to enhancing Ecuadorian citizens’ quality of life inspires many.

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Riverbed Empoweredx Event: Digital Transformation

Key Takeaways:

  • The Empoweredx Riverbed Event — a live interactive customer event — is scheduled to be held
    from August to October.
  • This event will be held worldwide, from Australia and the USA to France and the UK.
  • Igniting Exceptional Digital Experiences is the event’s theme, and attendees left with useful
    advice on how to offer a smooth digital experience and boost business success.
  • Princess Alexandra Trust NHS, EDF Energy, Unilever, Global Credit Union, and others are
    among the speakers at this event, including live keynotes, client panels, and technical and
    engaging breakout sessions with Riverbed experts.

Riverbed has announced the keynote speaker, interactive and technical breakout session schedule, and customer panel for their three-month-long event – Empoweredx Riverbed. This event is tagged as the world’s largest roadshow for the customer community. The event’s theme is “Igniting Exceptional Digital Experiences.

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To provide smooth and safe digital experiences to users everywhere, technical visionaries and industry thought leaders will explore overcoming today’s complicated IT environments and sprawling data during EMPOWEREDx. The events span the world and take place in places like Brisbane, Australia (August 23), Dallas (September 12), New York City (September 19), Paris (September 19-20), and London (October 1).

Note: Visit their event portal to register or explore the upcoming show nearby.

Location-specific customer speakers have come from organizations including EDF Energy, Global Credit Union, Princess Alexandra Trust NHS, and Unilever. They have included IT leaders and technical specialists. At EMPOWEREDx, Riverbed executives, customers, and business leaders will talk about how businesses adapt to the digital evolution of hybrid work, move to the cloud, and meet users’ higher expectations for digital experiences, including those of Millennials and Gen Z workers.

People attending this series of events will learn leadership and accountability roles and how to use technology and tactics to steer their businesses. The event intends to educate everyone on how to offer a ‘next-level’ digital experience to staff and customers while cutting down on unimportant IT expenses.

The Empoweredx events will help attendees learn how unified observability, DEM or digital employee management, AI, and accelerated solutions can ignite user experiences. Attendees will benefit from leadership keynotes, customer panels, roundtable talks with technology leaders, and expert-led technical breakout sessions.

Under these breakout sessions, participants can learn the following:

  • Redefining Digital Excellence: Monitoring Total User Experience;
  • IT Cost Optimization; and
  • Intelligent Incident Response & Remediation.

Dave Donatelli, CEO; Shaun Bierweiler, CRO; John Pittle, Customer Experience CTO; Alex Thurber, SVP, Global Partners and Alliances; Elie Dib, SVP, EMEA, Chris Parker, Vice President, APJ, Charbel Khneisser, VP, Solutions Engineering, EMEA, and numerous other business and technical leaders are among the Riverbed speakers, which vary depending on the location.

In an interview, the chief representative of Rivebed shared some fascinating details. He said, “In today’s unreliable circumstances, we are under tremendous pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources. Most interactions in today’s society are becoming virtual. So, organizations must transform to stay relevant digitally. IT teams are essential for expediting digital journeys, but they must modernize and face the obstacles of transition.”

“At EMPOWEREDx, our premier customer community event, learn to take charge of a drive for digital customer experience. Come together with us for a day of thought-provoking keynotes, engaging breakout sessions, and networking with the Riverbed client community,” he added. His statements are a clear predicament that this series of events will help transform the customers’ digital experience altogether.

Learn Digital Transformation With Guest Speakers From Compulink Technologies Inc.

Riverbed invited the experts from Compulink Technologies Inc. to the Empowered X events as guest speakers to help attendees learn how to benefit from cloud and digital technologies that drive transformation. They emphasize the importance of upgrading IT infrastructure and how to keep up with it. The speakers will tell how to shift into an upgraded IT infrastructure in the most affordable and efficient way

Empoweredx Riverbed Event Details:

Event: Riverbed EMPOWEREDx – Customer Community Conference 2023

Date and Venue: October 10 (London), September 19 – 20 (Paris), September 19 (New York), September 12 (Dallas), and August 23 (Brisbane, Australia)

About Riverbed

For businesses to provide a seamless digital experience and boost enterprise performance, Riverbed is the only firm with the aggregate richness of data from network to app to end user. This telemetry illuminates and accelerates every contact.

Two market-leading portfolios are available from Riverbed: Riverbed Acceleration, which offers quick, effective, and secure app acceleration over any network. Also, Alluvio by Riverbed has a unique yet unified portfolio that integrates data, actions, and insights across IT to enable customers to deliver seamless, secure digital experiences. Riverbed amplifies every click and digital experience with the help of tens of thousands of partners, thousands of market-leading clients worldwide, and 95% of the FORTUNE 100. Riverbed. The Experience with Power. Visit their main website to find out more.

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Mayor Adams Announced an Executive Order To Make M/WBE Enterprises Program More Streamlined And Responsive

[AUGUST 2023, NEW YORK] Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, issued Executive Order 34 today to show his continued support for the M/WBE or Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program. This Adam-issued Executive Order 34 standardizes data collecting from organizations connected to the city to make it easier for the city to track the performance outcomes of M/WBEs in real-time.

It ensures city agencies have a senior employee who can prioritize the M/WBE program and report to the city’s chief business diversity officer and the commissioner for M/WBE outcomes. The newly appointed agency’s chief contracting diversity officer will oversee department accountability and help further consolidate M/WBE objectives the city shares.

Mayor Adams told the press, “NYC spends billions of dollars of expenditure funds every year on resources, including goods and services. Not only are we generating jobs but also providing economic on-ramps for all our female and minority business owners.”

“Indeed, the M/WBE program has brought on significant changes to the table, but our government believes that there’s always space for something better. With the initiation of this Executive Order 34, we offer the assistance the agencies require to invest in NYC’s women and minority-owned businesses. It will monitor their business success in real-time to truly achieve that feat. From Manhattan to Long Island, every place in NYC will benefit from an increase in economic opportunities,” he added.

According to First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright, this administration aims to improve our community’s business climate for M/WBEs. This is especially important as we work to recover fully from COVID. Mayor Adams’ approval of Executive Order 34 “enhances contractual opportunities for our varied pool of city-certified M/WBE firms and enables increased centralization of accountability and agency leadership empowerment to direct resources towards their M/WBE outcomes. I’m eager to see the fantastic M/WBE results these interrelated instructions will undoubtedly bring forth.

The Chief Business Diversity Officer – Michael J. Garner, also shared some of his views. He said, “when Mayor Adam came to me to fill this position of NYC’s first-ever chief business diversity officer, he told me that his commitment to this program is as solid as mine. He assured his dedication will be equivalent to what I had in my past three decades of M/WBE programming experience.”

“I want to thank and pay my respect to Mayor Adams as he is a man of his words. by signing this executive order, Mr. Adam entrusted more power and responsibility to me and the different agencies to accomplish our M/WBE program goals faster,” he added.

Director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services Lisa Flores stated that the procurement system in New York City is only functional when it is fair and inclusive of the many diverse communities and businesses in the city. She also said, “This executive order is strategically designed and implemented to find and address systematic imbalances damaging the M/WBEs, which used to cause price hikes and poor quality goods and services that all NYC residents contract. To further carry out the mayor’s aggressive M/WBE agenda and increase the variety and quality of opportunities in which our M/WBEs can successfully compete, I am thrilled to work with Garner.”

Mayor Adams stated today that the following will be required of municipal departments under Executive Order 34:

  • Before any contract is extended, mandate a review of M/WBE objectives to determine the current M/WBE availability;
  • De-bundle capital project contracts above $25 million to level the playing field for smaller M/WBE vendors in the construction industry, which currently has the greatest discrepancies in the city;
  • Given the city’s current reaction to the refugee crisis, take into account at least one estimate from an M/WBE vendor firm on all emergency purchases and
  • Standardize M/WBE performance information for OneNYC entities linked with the city.

Compulink Technologies Inc.: Guest Speaker of The Event

The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services asked Compulink Technologies Inc. to attend as a guest speaker. The event’s featured speaker — Danielle Arboleda from Compulink — taught the business owner audience how to interact with the NYC government and win contracts.

The primary topics of discussion were:

  • How do we get contracts to sell our high-quality, economical IT and telecom hardware?
  • How can we, a M/WBE vendor, increase our level of competition in the IT industry?
  • How do we find the right people to contact to get MWBE agency bids?
  • How can Compulink outbid proposals and estimates by the competitors?
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