New York City Technology Forum 2023

The New York City Technology Forum is a place for tech companies to come together and explore the prevailing trends and developments in the field. It is a meeting point for public-sector professionals and leading industry partners to get inspired, discover advanced technologies, and collaborate on innovative approaches.

The event has been organized to celebrate the Best of New York City Award winners 2023. This year, Compulink has managed to earn a nomination among other top technology firms. With innovation at the theory core and a vision to transform the tech industry, Compulink was rightfully nominated for the event.

Keep reading to get a glimpse of what will unfold at the coveted event on November 27, 2023


General Session

The registration process for the event will be followed by opening remarks from industry stalwarts and the event organizers. Next, a general session organized to discuss the MyCity Portal will take place. The session will include detailed conversations regarding the revolutionary method of MyCity Portal in making NYC citizens engage with local government and access services.

The first general session will be followed by a networking break. After that, another general session will be held to discuss the strategies of the city in promoting skill development and empowering the workforce. The general sessions are open to everyone attending the event, and participants can also be a part of the transformative conversations.

The Grand Awards Ceremony

Finally, the most-awaited part of the event will take place. The awards ceremony will celebrate the top innovators in the tech sphere. A reception will follow the awards ceremony for all the winners and nominees to have a gala time.

The Next Day

The event will stretch till November 28, 2023. The next day will also begin with registration and morning refreshments. Once again, the industry experts and event organizers will begin with opening remarks.
Next, the keynote speaker of the day will appear on stage. For this year’s event, the keynote speaker will be John Register, a two-time Paralympic silver medalist. The speech will be about getting past challenges in an increasingly complicated world.

The speaker will influence and teach companies to embrace the new normal and empower teams to make the most out of opportunities by overcoming obstacles. It’s all about building a contextual model to beat adversity, manage change, and move past uncertainty. The session will deliver a strong message of strength and perseverance to view change as a growth opportunity.

Promoting the Welfare of the Modern IT Workforce

Another discussion will take place regarding the well-being of the contemporary workforce in a fast-paced world. This discussion comes in light of the growing importance of employee well-being in facilitating productivity. Therefore, it will be a learning experience for tech companies to create a successful and thriving environment for growth and innovation.

This discussion will be extremely beneficial for checking whether government IT leaders are doing their best to develop a culture of wellness for IT professionals. The session will also highlight all the important tools and programs to promote a balanced and healthy life for IT professionals. At the end of this discussion, attendees will get another networking break to build strong relationships in the industry.

Concurrent Sessions

From 11 a.m., several concurrent sessions will take place discussing important topics. For instance, one session will focus on the emergence of advanced technologies in the government space. Another concurrent session will look into the benefits of cloud computing technology and the positive environment triggered by different cloud services.

At 11:45 a.m., the lunch break will commence. After a one-hour lunch break, participants will once again come across multiple concurrent sessions to attend. In light of increasing cyber threats, one session will be dedicated to discussing cybersecurity efforts.

The session will explore the current situation of security threats and how to respond to them. Another discussion will take place to assess whether organizations are able to make the most out of data.
After a batch of concurrent sessions, an executive briefing by industry sponsors will take place. This will be followed by another networking break with ample opportunities for building connections.

Other Significant Discussions

Next, featured speaker Jack Shaw will take center stage to talk about the importance of digital transformation for the government. This interactive session will help identify the necessary tools to stay abreast of the competition and revolutionize the government. Another discussion will take place from 2:50 p.m. to throw light on how JSOC is strengthening the government’s potential to protect its infrastructure, institutions, and citizens.