NYC Smart City Test Projects: Do they work?
January 9, 2017

New York City is running a few pilot programs around new smart city technology. A few of these test are worth keeping an eye on to city how they improve city life. Some of the test in action are the city WiFi stations, smart park benches, smart buses, and shotspotter. Keeping an eye on how ...

The Robots Take Over in Japan
January 6, 2017

A Japanese insurance company Fokuko Mutual Insurance will lay off 34 white collar workers and replace them with robots. The company says it will increase efficiency by 30 percent and would save the company 140 million yen ($1.2  million US). In a bare essence the company hired the perfect subjugated worker. Robots are perfect if ...

Smart City Technology on The Rise
January 5, 2017

One of the technology trends that will be looking to grow is technology designed to build smart cities. The goal of a smart city is to make all its essential functions better, and help the day to day running of a city. This will help cities better manage things like traffic, water, air quality and ...

Best Tech To Be Shown At The Consumer Electronic Show 2017
January 4, 2017

So the annual Consumer Electronic Show will take place in Las Vegas Nevada, and there are some very impressive products that will be on display. We choose 5 of the best that we think will make a big splash in 2017. So make sure you keep a lookout for these products. Kurri Robot Nanny from Mayfield ...

Weekly Blog Series Cyber Security Trends To Watch in 2017
January 3, 2017

Welcome to our weekly blog series on cyber security and business. So we did a little research on what will be some of the biggest cyber security trends that could impact your business. Keep an eye out on these trends as we move into the new year. Cyber Offensive and Defensive Capabilities will Increase We can ...

Keeping an eye on the Cloud and IoT for 2017
January 2, 2017

As we bring 2016 to and end, there are two major technology trends to keep an eye on for businesses and government. We will keep a lookout for innovations and advancement in Cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT). Especially in how they work together to tie together more low power technology. This will ...

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