HPE and Intel Bring You a New-Generation Compute Experience

As more and more businesses adopt the cloud, they are finding that the cloud is lacking in security, compliance, and application performance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel are teaming up to tackle these challenges with hybrid IT driven by HPE Gen10 servers.

What is hybrid IT?

It is a mix of both on premises and off premises IT environments. That means you have a data center that handles the most important data and workloads. While also using a cloud solution to handle other data and workloads. It’s scalable and provides a lot of flexibility and on demand capacity to operate across application in data center and cloud environments.

Why do you need hybrid IT?

Well because in today’s world businesses need cost effective ways to improve agility and collaboration. That is what we use the cloud for. To put it into a visual example, imagine a company designing a new product. That company has product designers if offices across the country. Rather than pay for them to all be in one location. They can collaborate from where they are through cloud and collaboration solutions. An hybrid IT environment can allow the accessibility of the cloud with the security, performance handling of a data center.

HPE and Intel Team up

HPE will use Intel-Xeon Processors to power their brand new Gen10 servers. End users can adapt performance to application using the HPE Intelligent System Tuning. HPE says that this creates the world’s most secure industry standard servers. The Intel Xeon Processors in Gen10 Servers allows the performance to handle the most demanding applications such as big data and database workloads. Gen10 Servers play a key role in any IT infrastructure modernization and IT agility. They can accelerate business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public cloud, and private cloud.

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