IT Expos: Why They Are Crucial for Government Agencies

In October 28-29, Compulink Technologies Inc. will be an exhibitor at New York Government Technology Forum hosted by eRepublic!  We are greatly looking forward to meeting our contacts in the New York City and State Government space!  After years of engaging with the Government’s IT life-cycle, we highly recommend all public and private institutions to attend these forums.  Here is why:


When it comes to IT in the government vertical, endpoint and network security is always a large concern.  Being the government, there is no shortage of malicious hackers attempting to steal highly classified government data.  Additionally, the cybersecurity solutions an agency procures years ago does not always stand the test of time.  Cyber-attacks are constantly advancing as does cybersecurity.  When the agencies attend a forum, they are able to stay up to date with cybersecurity.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud infrastructure has become an increasingly common application in the business sector.  This rapid trend helps digitize much of your work while cutting costs on infrastructure.  While the cloud has become a rapidly growing trend in the business sector, there are concerns about adopting cloud solutions in the government vertical.  Going to an IT Forum for Government Agencies can help you understand how to securely adopt a cloud solution for your agency and best practices for deployment.

Tech for Public Services

Seeing that all government agencies are public institutions helping public infrastructures function, there are numerous ways IT advancements can help agencies perform their public functions better and operate more efficiently.  These forums can help inform government agencies about new technologies and the collaborative networking space can foster dialogue on ways IT can help our public infrastructure.

AI and Government

Artificial Intelligence has become a trendy subject to discuss in the recent years both inside and outside of government. Automation, chatbots, predictive analytics, are all different examples of how government agencies all around the world adopt Artificial intelligence. When attending seminars related to AI for government agencies; procurement officials and IT department managers can know where AI can meet the needs of their agency and find the necessary compatibility for AI adoption.

Inclusive Procurement

Agencies are trying to increase their utilization of MWBE vendors in the successful deployments of their projects.  In NY GovTech 2019, procurement officials and IT managers of government agencies can network with MWBE-Certified IT Solutions Providers.  (Compulink is an MWBE-Certified IT Solutions Provider!)

By going to New York Government Technology Forum, there are a lot of ways government agencies can benefit from the tech updates. For starters, procurement and IT officials can keep up to date with trends in the industry and be well-informed on which solution can apply to their agency.

The Compulink Team will be at GovTech as an Exhibitor! Come visit us!