St. John’s University Strengthens its Infrastructure Protection

St. John’s University in New York City just finished building a robust data and infrastructure protection system for the university. They worked very close with VMware to build this system and protect all the university’s essential systems. Now this solution was geared towards protecting data in the event of a disaster, and improving the university’s emergency response system.

The first part is that they wanted to protect all the essential information that the university keep on students, faculty, and employees. They have to keep thing like social security numbers, financial information, grades, transcripts and more safe. If a natural or man-made disaster were to affect the school that information is now safe on a cloud. The second aspect is improving their emergency response system.

If a disaster were to ever occur, it could take days even weeks to recover. So if a hurricane blew away St.John’s network and all the information with it, that can be a problem. What the VMware Air Cloud solution gives them, is the ability to access the essential information once the equipment is replaced. So once the network, and computers are up and running, the IT department can take all the essential information and put it into the network from the cloud.  This allows them to resume work, without starting from scratch.

Now on-boarding something like this takes a lot of time, but St. John’s managed to do it in 10 weeks. This can serve as an example for schools, businesses, organizations, and institutions on how to improve your disaster recovery systems. No matter the type organization you run or are a part of, it will grow. Sometimes in the midst of growth, you can forget to grow your backup solutions. Make sure you have scaled you backup systems to meet your needs.

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