VMware’s Guide To Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

VMware published a post that give you a brief guide on the things you need to consider when using cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. Cloud-based disaster recovery is becoming more and more used because of its cost efficiency. Also using a public cloud for disaster recovery puts a lot of the liability on the company providing the service, and not yours. The best thing is that you pay for what you need. So all businesses of all sizes can use this.

So VMware says that you must consider three things before selecting your cloud-based disaster recovery. You must consider Availability, Networking, and Security and Compliance.

Availability refers  having your essential and business critical data, applications, and workloads available quickly in the event of a disaster or outage. You want to make sure that you can get what is most important to your business up and running almost instantaneously after an outage. After decide the priority of what needs to be recovered first, you have to determine what order of availability you want your assets to be recovered.

Networking has to be figured out because you need to have the right amount of connectivity to move you to the cloud. You don’t want to wait once you make a decision. So make sure your network can handle it at first, and upgrade if it can’t.  

Security and Compliance is key because you want to keep your stuff secure and you want the cloud provider to comply with your policies. This is where cost can go up, because you want good security. Also having the cloud provider fall into compliance with your policies may also bring cost up.

Moving to the cloud is a great advantage for all businesses and organizations, but you want to do it right. Having settled the questions is these three areas will allow you to make that decision and transition easily.

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