I am sure you have heard of the mega-giant company called Amazon, and you have about their newest venture Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is still a fairly young company, but they are experiencing a lot of growth and success. According to an article in Techcrunch.com and Amazon Web Services, the have become the leader in the cloud. Now if you want to read about how and why that is, you can read the TechCrunch article. Click Here

This is shocking considering that Amazon Web Services is still new, but it has definitely defied all expectations. Now what is really surprising is that they have really carved out a market share for cloud services. Considering companies like Google, IBM, and Oracle have been providing cloud services for many years.

There could be any amount of reasons as to why AWS cloud solutions are gaining market dominance. However, no one could have predicted the success of AWS and it’s going to be interesting to see how AWS continues to grow.

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular for all types of organizations. The affordability, scalability, and productivity of cloud-based solutions are driving this trend. It is going to be a horse race to see who takes the lead in this space. It looks like Amazon Web Services has the advantage right now.

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