Ecuadorian Community Giveback & Premios Unidad: Compulink CEO Invited

The CEO of Compulink Technologies Inc., Rafael Arboleda, was invited to the Premios Unidad as a special guest and their official sponsor. In this event, the entire Ecuadorian community gathers and honors the achievements of Ecuadorian artists (singers, painters, etc.) together.

Rafael contributes to the community he belongs to by sponsoring their events and many other ways. Not only the award show but the Brigada de Esperanza, a nonprofit organization in NYC, has also recently invited Rafael to the Ecuadorian Independence Parade. The most recent event he participated in was the Ecuadorian Independence Parade in Jason Heights, Queens, NY. He donated to the NYC-based nonprofit organization – Brigada de Esperanza for the good cause of the Ecuadorian community.

Compulink’s CEO – Rafael’s Journey To Success

Rafael Arboleda, the CEO of Compulink, was born and raised in Ecuador. It was the late 1970s when he immigrated to the United States. No matter the cultural event, Rafael participates in them and contributes back to the NYC-based Ecuadorian community in NYC. While giving back as much as he can, Rafael pursued his entrepreneurial journey in the field of IT.

Rafael, in interviews, expressed how his experiences as an immigrant have made him a better entrepreneur and leader in today’s business world. According to Rafael, businesses must have diverse consumers and target audiences and reflect that in their business practices.

Compulink and Its CEO’s Contribution To the Ecuadorian Community

Over the years, Rafael has contributed to the Ecuadorian community in many ways. For the Compulink CEO, education and knowledge are the most important things in someone’s life. That’s why Rafael always donated computers to schools and libraries in Ecuador to help his community become more tech-savvy and educated. The CEO thinks that knowledge, especially based on technology, can make Ecuadorians shape a better future for themselves.

To further serve his community, Rafael extends his helping hand to people who need to acquire technological skills to succeed in today’s modern digital era. Launching computer proficiency sessions online and coding workshops are some of his ways of giving back to the community. Moreover, a few years ago, Rafael didn’t waste a second to step up for his community when they were affected by natural disasters.

Compulink’s CEOs’ Latest Invite To The Premios Unidad Event

Furthermore, Premios Unidad, an event sponsored by Rafael/Compulink, was also held. The Ecuadorian Community is brought together during this event, which also honors local musicians. A gala called Premios Unidad honors and grants awards to Ecuadorian artists and performers who live in both Ecuador and the United States. It acknowledges social and musical actors’ superior artistic achievement and contribution to the Ecuadorian music market, domestically and abroad.

The UNIDAD AWARDS Ecuadorian Music Awards (EMA) honor the creative contributions made to Hispanic music, particularly Ecuadorian music, by performers who call the US, EC, and EU home. The tri-state area, including NY, NJ, and Connecticut, is always up to innovative ways to plan and organize events for the Ecuadorian, rather Hispanic, community.

Premios Unidad History

HenrryP. Yanez, the founder and executive director of the Ecuadorian Artist Guild (a nonprofit organization), prepared and planned the production Premios Unidad. He started planning and managing its creation in September 2013, representing it as a social project within the enterprise, for which he has the support of Wilson Verdugo, the sub-director and co-founder of the organization, and Gabriel Castro, the director of marketing. He then presented the project to two young entrepreneurs.

About Compulink CEO

Rafael relocated to the US to attend college after finishing high school. He studied and mastered every concept of computer science after enrolling in one of the CS programs at Stanford University. His career as a software developer for a Silicon Valley startup began after he earned his Stanford degree with honors.

Rafael decided to launch his own business after some time. In 2010, he established Compulink Technologies Inc. Software for the healthcare sector, which was created by the business Compulink. The business expanded quickly, and it now has locations across many nations.

Ecuadorians Appreciate The Contributions of Rafael For Their Improved Lifestyle

Numerous immigrants look up to Rafael since he is a successful businessman. He shows that everyone, no matter how humble their upbringing, may achieve their dreams. In the tech sector, he fervently supports inclusion and diversity.

Without regard to one’s upbringing, he thinks everyone should be able to succeed. Ecuador and Rafael have a solid friendship. He participates in several philanthropic groups and events there during his frequent travels. His dedication to enhancing Ecuadorian citizens’ quality of life inspires many.