Breaking News: NYS MWBE Discretionary Spend Increases!

Earlier this year, both houses of the Legislature renewed and expanded the state Minority- and Women- Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) program. The program originally aimed to boost the economy and increase the inclusiveness of the state contracting process.

“By increasing the personal net worth threshold to $15 million, implementing a streamlined certification process, and increasing the discretionary spending threshold to $500,000, the participation level of MWBEs will increase substantially with a direct positive economic impact,” Assembly MWBE Subcommittee Chair Rodneyse Bichotte said. 

There will be an increase on MBE Spend for New York State Government Agencies from January 2020?  The Discretionary spending threshold will increase to $500,000.

This change will boost participation of MWBEs across the state and will have a direct positive economic impact! 

Compulink Technologies Inc. has been a Minority-Women owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) for over two decades. This program has enabled us to have access to numerous business resources and to this day, we strive to support other small businesses in their business cycle today.

The news of New York State increasing MWBE discretionary spend further enables us to strengthen our resources for not only our clients in the government agency space but other small businesses as well.

Additionally, Compulink Technologies is an ardent advocate for procurement officials from government agencies to meet their supplier diversity needs. We have launched an online store that helps fast-track the government agency’s quest to meet MWBE participation goals.