The State Of Print Security in 2019

Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape Report 2019 reveals that organizations of different sizes continue to be concerned about print security.

Organizations are continuing to suffer print-related data loss incidents, and most are still not confident their print environment is fully protected. These point to a critical need to educate C-level executives on the strategic value of effective print security as part of a broader information security strategy.

Here are statistical trends on growing concerns in print security:

  • 72% of organizations are concerned about print-related security breaches
  • 24% are confident that their print infrastructure is fully protected
  • 77% are increasing spend on print security
  • 59% have suffered at least one print-related data loss
  • 32% of print security incidents are caused by internal users
  • The average cost of a print-related data cost is $394k
  • 76% of organizations using a Managed Print Service are considered print security leaders.
  • 39% of organizations have carried out print security assessments
  • 40% are using pull printing to mitigate risk

These are some of the growing concerns about print security. Print environments have often been an overlooked weakness in network environments of organizations. However, as the data previously has shown, more organizations are taking notice of the importance of print security.

The great question lies in what comes next to recognize as a security necessity in IT environments.