Classroom Management Is Now an IT Matter

The recent COVID19 Pandemic has proven to us that education is an important cornerstone of our society. It is economically crucial to have an educated populace in order to boost the exchange of ideas and help advance areas of society such as technology, science, public policy, etc. In order to maintain quality education; the necessary IT tools and resources need to be made available. Nowadays, schools have adopted remote learning. HP Inc.’s Classroom Manager is a trendy solution that we found would benefit education tremendously.

It is not uncommon to find situations where teachers and students are all in a room full of computers doing work together. However, when students are engaged with the computers, distractions can easily arise. Students can be working with other types of content instead of the main lesson at hand and the educational effort of the teacher would be wasted. HP’s Classroom Manager can address this ordeal.

With Classroom Manager, educators can manage the content that students are exposed to and both teachers and students can share screens. Students can share their screens to present their work to the rest of the class. Teachers can also share their content, avoiding a disconnect on the learning process between the students and the teachers.

Here are the following features teachers have from this solution:

  1. Lock/unlock: Ensure students focus by locking student screens
  2. Blank all: easily clear all students’ devices with a click
  3. Message: Send messages from the teachers’ device to one or all student devices selected.
  4. Help Requests: Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance.
  5. Student Screen monitoring: View all student screens from the teacher’s PC. Double-click to take control
  6. Q&A: The Question and Answer mode enables the teachers to conduct both individual student and peer assessment scores.
  7. Web Launch: remotely launch a selected website on student devices.
  8. File Transfer: Teacher can quickly transfer file to one or multiple students

This collaborative solution can keep classes synchronized when it comes to the educational progress. HP’s Classroom Manager is a tool for teachers. While the current pain point is that centralizing the productivity has its challenges with every student and teacher in a different location, HP’s Classroom Manager can fine tune how the teachers and students get their point across and make for an improved remote learning experience. Social distancing does not have to mean a reduced quality of education.

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