Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing a Managed Cloud Service Provider

The cloud is the answer for most companies looking to enhance their IT estate, but cloud-based environments also require constant maintenance, support and monitoring in order for them to be effective and secure. By outsourcing these tasks to a managed cloud service provider, like Compulink Technologies, companies can maximize the potential of the cloud and save money and time. Here are the top five reasons why you should utilize managed cloud services. 

  1. Future Technology – By utilizing a managed cloud service provider, you are guaranteed to have the best cloud technicians and engineers working on your environment. There are constant updates, upgrades and new technologies being released and it can be costly and time consuming to train internal staff to support these new releases. Having an expert team of cloud engineers at your disposal means that you and your team can focus on other mission critical areas of you business while still having the latest technology at your disposal. 
  2. Security – It can be difficult to secure a cloud-based environment due to the sheer size and complexity of where your assets live in your environment. These vulnerabilities can expose your network to malicious hackers that exploit the ‘entry points’ to your network if they are not secured properly, which can lead to serious risks for your business. By having a team of cloud experts managing your security, you can be assured that your entire network is fully secured and that there aren’t any exposed areas such as hacking into a printer and getting access to your entire network (one of the most common entry points for cyber attackers). 
  3. Save Money – Maintaining and managing a cloud-based environment can be very time-consuming and costly. Leveraging a managed cloud service provider, like Compulink Technologies, Inc., can help your staff by freeing up their time to focus on other critical areas of your business. Most of the time staffing a full-time IT department can be costly and unnecessary for certain small and medium-sized business, so outsourcing to a managed cloud service provider can help save time and money while also getting access to engineers with high-level expertise in cloud computing. 
  4. Flexibility and Predictable Costs – Once you and your managed cloud provider have had a consultation and devised a plan to support your business needs, you can expect to pay the same monthly costs throughout the year without any deviation. This can be extremely beneficial for being able to accurately forecast your budget needs throughout the year and allows you and your team the peace of mind that extra costs won’t be tacked on unknowingly. And if for some reason your team needs to either upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan, you can do so at any time and still receive an accurate, consistent cost associated with whatever route you decide on. 
  5. Compliance Support –  Government institutions and healthcare providers need to remain compliant with industry regulations, or else they can lead themselves into serious trouble. By outsourcing to a cloud managed service provider like Compulink, we can help you stay compliant and ensure you are in accordance with industry regulations. 

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