Compulink VP, Denise Arboleda Awarded as City & State’s 2021 Responsible 100

Compulink Technologies, Inc. has been an active member in both the New York State & City communities for over three decades. We take pride in the community that we serve and, we are proud to honor our Vice-President, Denise Arboleda for being recognized as a 2021 City & State responsible 100. 

The responsible 100 is a list of leaders in the private sector who are actively seeking to help New Yorkers make our state a better place. The list is a seasonal reminder that giving back to the community and helping others is just as rewarding as running a successful business and earning profits.  

Denise serves on multiple community boards, participates in internship programs for high school students associated with the Boys and Girls Club and HANAC Youth Services and has spent her time serving government agencies serving across NYC. Denise is also a vocal and prominent advocate for women and minorities in business and has helped guide and mentor emerging MBE’s and MWBE’s through her own experience so they are positioned for future success. 

We have all learned how important it is to have a strong community throughout 2020 and 2021. There were many difficulties and hardships that businesses and individuals faced. We are proud to see Denise recognized for her efforts to strengthen the NYC community through her volunteering, leadership, advocacy and mentorship. Thank you for fighting the good fight!


To view the list of responsible 100 and to learn more about Denise, click here

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