Disney is attempting to innovate the experience we have when we go to Disney parks. They are looking into building AI robots of Disney characters to roam around their parks and interact with people. With Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and thereby Star Wars years ago, and the growth of AI capabilities, this seems like a great idea. How will this work out, we need to see.

However, if you know Disney’s policies on park character, it does not seem surprising that the would look to use AI instead. The biggest policy that kind of encourages Disney to do this, is that people who play park character are not allowed to speak. When you go to a Disney park, and you ask Mickey Mouse directions to the tea cups, he has to guide you, rather than tell you. This policy exist to not break the illusion of the characters for kids. So if you could replace the person with an AI that sounds like Mickey Mouse, it would enhance the experience, maybe.

Now it’s highly doubtful the C3PO and R2-D2 will begin the robot takeover of humanity. However’ this may be a first step into creating robots that interact and serve humans. This does not mean robot slaves for all, but it could be the first step into having a robot caretaker. Image and elderly person using a robot to to the household task they can’t and assist them with living. Now the cost and the human interaction factors play a role in this happening, but it a possible future.
Overall if Disney can use AI to create a truly interactive and fun version of C3PO and R2-D2 it will create the experience that many kids of today and their parents dreamed of as kids. Especially if the have their personality from the films. If this can be successfully adopted more theme parks might invest in doing this. However, I don’t know if a robotic AI Batman will play well at Six Flags. We have to just wait and see.

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