So you have probably been hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT) a lot and how it can benefit your business and organization. You may fully understand it or not. You may not see how it helps your business. No matter the size or scope of your business IoT is being adopted more and more. Factors that drive this range from cost reduction, increasing revenue, increasing efficiency, and better serve your employees. However, what is the benefit of IoT? What are the drawbacks? We will explain in this blog post.

So to put IoT in simple terms, it is an environment where anything with electricity can be connected. The environment shares data collected from all devices and help improve a lot of operational tasks. For example, if you work in manufacturing, everything from the conveyer belt to the factories air system, and control board can be in a connected environment. If the factory produces smoke or dangerous airborne toxins, the air quality systems can measure the data and trigger the air filtration. While also alerting employees of the danger. It’s not a great example, but it is a simple one.

Does IoT cost a lot? Yes, it does, there is no doubt about it. However; IoT is more about the long-term investment. So giving that technology is changing the workplace, IoT is where you can manage that. You can have every computer, phone, tablet, printer, in an office connected. If you have machinery and or run the entire building, IoT can connect everything and give you one platform to manage it all.

How do you benefit from it? If you work in an office building, and that building has a lounge, cafeteria, patio, recreational area, your employees can take their devices and stay well connected to their work. A worker can work on the campus patio on a beautiful summer day, and be as efficient as being at a desk. The better employees can work, the more efficient and profitable your company becomes.

As an example, if your company is developing a new product, and the developers are working in the conference room. Being connected to an IoT environment, rather than just WiFi, can increase their productivity. That means they get the product develop faster and bring it to market sooner. Also, IoT reduces a lot of infrastructure cost over the long haul.

Are there drawbacks to IoT? Yes and the biggest one is security. The more devices connected to your network the more risk you have. Talented hackers can get in your network through the coffee maker that is connected to your IoT environment.

Is IoT worth the investment? Yes, the benefits outweigh the risk. Eventually, the creators of IoT will have the best security solutions to complement the IoT solutions. The more technology advances for the workplace, the more you need an environment to keep all those devices connected.

If you want to learn more about measuring the ROI of IoT, there are some link at the bottom that may help.


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