Higher Ed’s Top 10 IT Issues

In a packed ballroom at Educause’s annual conference on Thursday, Susan Grajek, the organization’s vice president for partnerships, communities and research, laid bare higher education’s top 10 technology issues for 2023.

“The pandemic sparked a great rethink that upended previous models of management and working,” Grajek said. “In 2023, institutional and technology leaders are ready for a new approach.”

Grajek’s speech was peppered with technology concepts such as “cybersecurity” and “privacy,” while also including numerous references to “empathy” and “humanity.”

Educause’s 2022 IT issues panel and higher education institutional and technology leaders identified the trends along with their implications for colleges. The report is scheduled to publish Monday. Here’s a sneak preview that highlights higher ed’s need to move from data insight to data action, develop learning-first strategies, and lead with humility.

Ensure IT Leadership Is a Full Strategic Partner

Chief information officers need a seat at college leadership tables to “facilitate a dialogue between institutional aspiration and digital possibilities,” Grajek said. When CIOs are involved in institutional decision-making from the start, they can help guide digital transformation in business and academic matters in a proactive, rather than reactive, way. They also learn more about the college’s mission, operations and culture and, as a result, are better equipped to support it.

Evolve, Adapt or Lose IT Talent

As unemployment dropped to record levels, industry has outcompeted higher education for IT talent in terms of pay, benefits, flexible work options and, in some cases, work-life balance. Moving forward, college hiring managers may need to offer compensation that may not be in line with internal standards, Grajek said.


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