Whether you know anything or not about big data, soon companies will use real time data visualization to provide more personalized content . What does that mean? When you shop on Amazon, they will be able to predict what thing you will buy next as soon as you purchase one thing. They will use all the data you give them such as the products you browse, the brands, the prices you purchase at, and the delivery options you choose. This will all be compiled in real-time and they will be better able to make more personal purchasing suggestions for you. This trend will continue to grow as enterprises compete to get you personalized products or content.

So as you can see data and real time analytics are getting more and more important. That is because consumers are changing the way the purchase products, use services, and look for content. The internet gives to person the ability to choose what they want. So enterprises are trying to keep up with the consumer. However; this is still in its infancy.

You need to build the appropriate infrastructure to handle all that incoming data. Then you have to create the data sets you want to analyse and create data streams for them. It is a lot of work, but the payoff could be enormous.

We have to wait and see, and we have to see how the market reacts to this. Having a company like Amazon push products you are most likely to by in your face all the time, maybe be good, or it may not. Think of it in this way, when you pick up a newspaper the headlines are determined by an editor. When you go to the paper’s website (if you subscribe) the headlines are based on your interest.  Real time data visualization and analysis will make that possible.

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