Spotify the world number one music streaming service is going to offer select new albums releases to their paid subscribers. This is due to two major reasons, one is Spotify is looking to become a publicly traded company. So they want to see their IPO do well. The second reason is that we are seeing a rising trend of music exclusivity rising. Remember 2014 when Taylor Swift cried about having her newest music available for free and pulled her catalog from Spotify. Well in 2016 many artist decide to make their music exclusive to paid subscribers of streaming services. That is the driving force behind this change.

To Spotify’s credit they remained steadfast in opposing this culture of exclusivity. They have the largest amount of free subscribers for a reason. A paid subscription for Spotify never felt like a mandatory need. People can put up with adds and a few less perks, but free subscribers never felt less important than free subscribers.

This won’t take affect for sometime, but it will be interesting to see how this affects Spotify.  It is the most popular music streaming services worldwide. It always looks to improve its user experience, and release some albums exclusively to paid subscribers will do that. No if there become another pay tier to get this exclusivity, then you may see backlash.

Read more about this in The Verge. Click Here

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