What Are The Benefits Of Being A Proud Partner Of Compulink Technologies Inc.?

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses require dependable and dexterous IT arrangements to remain competitive, usually where Compulink Technologies Inc. becomes a necessity. With over three decades of involvement in the IT industry, Compulink Technologies Inc. has advanced into a high-end solution provider, advertising many trades and offering enterprise-scale solutions. The benefits of collaborating with Compulink Technologies Inc. are manifold.

Compulink Offers Access to Comprehensive IT Arrangements and Services!

One of the significant benefits of joining forces with Compulink Technologies Inc. is the vast extent of comprehensive IT arrangements and services. The business provides private cloud services, network infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity services, data center solutions, and more. This implies that businesses can benefit from an all-encompassing approach to IT services instead of looking for numerous suppliers for distinctive aids. Moreover, Compulink Technologies Inc. has expertise in giving IT solutions across different sectors, such as government, SMB, and healthcare. This empowers the company to get specific businesses’ unique IT necessities and appropriately give custom-made arrangements.

Get Cutting-edge Technology at Disposal

As an accomplice of Compulink Technologies Inc., you’ll be guaranteed cutting-edge innovation. Compulink Technologies Inc. is the epitome in the IT industry. It ceaselessly contributes to procuring the latest equipment and computer program apparatuses to guarantee that its clients have the most excellent solutions accessible. By joining forces with Compulink Technologies Inc., your trade can take advantage of the most recent innovation without spending the time and assets to procure it yourself.

Save with Handy Cost-Effective Solutions

Managing an IT framework can be costly, but joining hands with Compulink Technologies Inc. can assist your trade, sparing cash in the long run. Compulink Technologies Inc. gives cost-effective arrangements to assist your trade, lessening the requirement for expensive equipment and software purchases.

Expertise and Experience

Compulink Technologies Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in the IT sector and has amassed a team of highly skilled people with knowledge in a variety of IT disciplines. For the IT infrastructure of organizations to stay safe and optimized, the team offers continuous assistance. The organization employs experts in a variety of IT-related fields, including network infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud services, and data center solutions.

Partner With a Certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

Given that Compulink Technologies Inc. can be recognized as a Minority-Owned Trade Endeavour (MBE), working with the firm may help organizations achieve their trade goals and address their disparities. The business has undergone a rigorous certification process to become a certified MBE and is acknowledged as being at least 51% owned, managed, and operated by a minority. Businesses may have opportunities to achieve their provider differences goals by partnering with a recognized MBE like Compulink Technologies Inc. Many businesses and government organizations have programs requiring them to use a certain percentage of diverse suppliers. Businesses may address these needs and access untapped trade opportunities by working with Compulink Technologies Inc.

Easy Acquirement through E-Store

Compulink Technologies Inc. has made purchasing IT for businesses easier through its simple-to-use web store. Thousands of top IT programs and equipment configurations are available for businesses to explore, investigate, compare, and purchase. Organizations may save time and effort by gathering all their IT infrastructure in one location. Furthermore, the e-store of Compulink Technologies Inc. provides explicit estimation, which may help organizations make wise purchasing decisions. The company offers flexible payment options and delivery services to ensure that businesses can acquire their IT solutions on schedule and within their budget.

Why is Compulink the Ideal Partner for You?

  1. Working with Compulink Technologies Inc. may provide organizations with thorough IT arrangements and administrations, talent and involvement, distinctions and trade perks, and simple purchase through the company’s web store.
  2. Having been active in IT for over 30 years, the firm has established a reputation for offering reliable and persuasive IT solutions for various enterprises. Businesses can profit from an all-encompassing approach to IT solutions adapted to their unique needs.
  3. Businesses may save IT expenditures by collaborating with Compulink Technologies Inc. as they can readily avoid the expenditures of employing and training IT specialists internally by outsourcing IT solutions to a dependable partner like Compulink Technologies Inc.
  4. The firm also provides various payment choices and transparent pricing, which may aid companies in making knowledgeable purchase decisions and maximizing their IT budgets.
  5. Businesses can get a competitive edge by partnering with a recognized MBE, such as Compulink.
  6. The requirement to collaborate with diverse suppliers is part of many government and corporate organizations’ supplier diversity programs. Companies may satisfy these demands and take advantage of new business prospects by working with Compulink Technologies Inc.
  7. Collaborating can help companies meet their IT objectives and get an edge over rivals in their particular markets.
  8. The organization is a dependable partner for businesses wishing to simplify their IT operations and boost overall productivity and efficiency thanks to its complete IT solutions, knowledge and experience, advantages for diversity and inclusion, and simple procurement procedure.
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What Are Cybersecurity Services, And Why Do All Businesses Need It?

Businesses today are rapidly moving towards a digital ecology. This raises the possibility of cyber threats, which, if ignored, pose a major risk to enterprises. To combat these threats, businesses must use cybersecurity services software and solutions to safeguard their networks and data from unwanted access. However, managed security services can offer a practical alternative for companies that lack the knowledge and resources to administer these products. The need for cybersecurity services in New York and their benefits will be discussed in this article.

What Exactly Are Cybersecurity Services?

A wide range of solutions is included in cybersecurity services, designed to shield enterprises from online dangers. Examples of these include managed security services, cybersecurity software, and tools. These services aim to detect and stop illegal access to a company’s network and data. They can also assist firms in taking swift action in a security breach.

What Makes Commercial Entities Require Cybersecurity Services?

Cyber risks are an increasing worry for enterprises of all kinds in today’s digital world. A recent estimate predicts that by 2030, cybercrime will cost the world more than $6 trillion. This emphasizes how crucial cybersecurity services are in defending enterprises from these dangers.

Here are some major justifications for why companies want cybersecurity services:

1. Safeguarding Sensitive Information

Businesses gather and maintain a lot of sensitive data, including information about customers, finances, and proprietary company information. This information might be taken in a cyberattack, which would have severe consequences for the business and its customers. Cybersecurity services may help firms protect this sensitive data by implementing security measures to thwart illegal access.

2. Maintaining Adherence to Regulations

Businesses must abide by the rules and regulations for data security that are relevant to several industries. Fines and legal action may be imposed for breaking these regulations. Businesses may verify they meet these regulatory obligations and avoid trouble using cybersecurity services.

3. Maintaining Reputation

A data breach can damage a business’s reputation and erode client confidence. Customers are becoming more aware of the importance of data security and are keener to do business with organizations that prioritize it. By employing strong security measures and rapidly responding to any security events, cybersecurity services may help organizations defend their brand.

4. Minimizing Downtime

An extended period of downtime brought on by a cyber attack can negatively affect a company’s production and profitability. Cybersecurity services may help businesses save downtime and avoid serious harm by swiftly identifying and responding to threats.

5. Managing Cybersecurity Toolkits

Although organizations need cybersecurity services, managing tools for cybersecurity needed to execute them can be difficult. This is particularly true for small enterprises lacking the tools and knowledge to handle their cybersecurity requirements. Thankfully, managed security services can offer a practical answer. Managed security services entail giving a third-party provider control over a company’s cybersecurity. This service provider will manage all areas of the company’s cybersecurity, from putting security measures in place to handling security problems. Businesses can free up internal resources and concentrate on their core functions.

Software Services for Cyber Security

Many firms use cybersecurity software services in addition to tools for cybersecurity. With the aid of these solutions, organizations have access to specialist cybersecurity tools that can detect and stop security threats. Among the popular categories of cybersecurity software services are:

1. Antivirus Program

Antivirus software aims to identify and eliminate viruses, malware, and other harmful programs from a company’s network. By locating and eliminating any potential hazards, this software can assist businesses in preventing cyberattacks.

2. Firewall Applications

Software called a firewall is made to stop unauthorized users from accessing a network. Businesses can use this software to restrict incoming data from questionable sources and guarantee that only permitted users can access the network.

3. System for Detecting Intrusions

Software for intrusion detection is intended to identify any attempts to obtain unauthorized access to a network. Businesses can use this software to discover potential security problems and take preventative measures.

4. Software for Encrypting Data

Encryption software encrypts the data to prevent unauthorized people from reading sensitive information. This program can be used by businesses to encrypt their data and protect it from hackers.

5. Software for Detecting Vulnerabilities

Software that scans for vulnerabilities in a company’s network and systems is intended to do just that. Businesses can use this software to discover potential security concerns and take steps to reduce them. Using software for cybersecurity services, businesses can acquire specialized software to shield their operations from cyber dangers. These services can assist companies in keeping up with new security developments and ensure their systems’ security.

Solutions for Cyber Security in New York

Cybersecurity services are particularly crucial for firms in New York. New York is home to a wide range of businesses, many of which are in the very vulnerable banking and healthcare industries. To respond to this problem, New York State created several cybersecurity regulations that businesses must follow.

Businesses in New York must implement a range of cybersecurity safeguards, including:

  1. Performing routine risk evaluations
  2. putting multi-factor authentication into practice
  3. Encrypting private information
  4. providing staff with frequent cybersecurity training
  5. Limiting access to sensitive data by implementing access restrictions

Businesses may ensure they comply with these rules and are safe from cyber threats by partnering with a cybersecurity services provider in New York. These service providers may aid companies in putting the necessary security measures in place and offer continuing assistance to guarantee that their systems stay secure.

End Note

Cybersecurity solutions are crucial for companies of all sizes in the digital age. These services can aid companies in reducing downtime, adhering to regulations, protecting their data, and managing their reputation. Nevertheless, managing the tools necessary to implement cybersecurity safeguards can be difficult, particularly for small firms. Managed security and cybersecurity software services might offer a practical remedy.

Due to the numerous cybersecurity regulations that firms operating there must adhere to, cybersecurity services are essential for enterprises in this state. Businesses may use these services to safeguard their operations and protect themselves from cyber risks. Businesses must keep in mind that maintaining cybersecurity requires constant effort. Since cyber threats continuously change, businesses must stay current with the newest security techniques and technologies. Businesses may stay ahead of these risks and guarantee the security of their operations by utilizing cybersecurity services. By investing in cybersecurity services, businesses can safeguard their data, keep customers’ trust, and avert expensive security mishaps.


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Compulink Technologies Inc.- Certified Reseller of Apple Product

In a world where innovation is quickly advancing, businesses must keep up with the latest gadgets to stay competitive. Apple is one of the foremost sought-after tech items that have changed how businesses work. Compulink Technologies Inc., a certified reseller of Apple items, has been catering to businesses’ tech needs for a long time. Their most recent offerings include Apple iPads, iMacs, Apple Watched and MacBook.

About Apple – The Undisputed Market Leaders!

Apple items are known for their state-of-the-art highlights, imaginative plans, and solid execution. Compulink, the best Apple Reseller, guarantees that businesses can access these gadgets effectively. Buyers progressively depend on solid, high-quality gadgets as innovation advances quickly to meet their everyday needs. A certified affiliate of Apple items could be a trusted source for those looking to buy these devices.

A certified affiliate of Apple may be a company that has experienced thorough preparation and acquired certification forms from Apple itself. These affiliates are authorized to offer Apple items, such as iPads, Macs, and adhere to extensive quality and service guidelines.

Why Must You Opt for an Apple Affiliate?

One of the foremost critical benefits of acquiring from a certified affiliate of Apple items is the confirmation of genuineness. Fake Apple products are quite widespread within the market, and numerous clueless shoppers have fallen prey to these false items. When you buy Reselling Apple products, a certified reseller guarantees that the items sold are great in quality, which implies that they have gone through thorough testing to guarantee that they meet the high benchmarks set by Apple. They can also guide how to utilize Apple products to their full potential and offer after sales services if any issues arise.

Get Exhaustive Perks from Certified Resellers

Genuineness aside, certified affiliates of Apple items offer numerous perks. Their staff has experienced broad training to understand the complexities of Apple items and can assist clients in selecting the suitable gadget that best suits their needs.

  • A good thing about purchasing from a certified reseller of Apple items is the accessibility of guarantee and repair administrations. Apple items are known for their unwavering quality, but on the uncommon occasion that a gadget glitches, a certified affiliate can help get repairs or substitutions.
  • They can also offer AppleCare, a benefit that expands the guarantee and bolsters the longevity of Apple products.
  • Finally, certified affiliates of Apple items offer a wide range of alternatives. They carry the most recent Apple items, and offer different models, sizes, and colors.
  • They also have a wide choice of products, such as cases, chargers, and connectors, to improve the usefulness and comfort of Apple devices.
  • A certified affiliate of Apple items may be a dependable and trusted source for customers looking to buy Apple items. They give confirmation of genuineness, guarantee and repair aids, and a wide range of alternatives and accessories.

Compulink Technologies Inc.- What Do They Offer?

Compulink Technologies Inc. offers a broad range of Apple items for businesses of all sizes. From the most recent ipads to the most recent MacBook, Compulink has it all.

Their index of products includes the following:

1. Apple iPad:

The iPad is another well-known gadget among businesses that require movability and functionality. Compulink offers the latest iPad models, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

2. Apple MacBook:

The MacBook could be a dependable portable workstation perfect for businesses requiring movability and control. Compulink offers the most recent MacBook models, counting the MacBook Pro 13-inch, MacBook Pro16-inch and so on.

3. Apple Mac Studio:

With a selection of 12 high-performance ports that are front and back for easy access, you can build the studio of your dreams.

4. Apple Accessories:

Compulink offers an exhaustive catalog of Apple accessories, counting Apple Watch to upgrade the client experience.

buy reselling product of apple

Why Select Compulink Technologies Inc. for Your Apple Needs?

Compulink Technologies Inc. is a certified reseller of Apple products that gives businesses honest-to- goodness Apple products at competitive prices.

Here are some reasons why businesses ought to select Compulink:

  • Quality Products:

Compulink gives businesses genuine Apple items that come with Apple’s guarantee. This guarantees that businesses get quality items that are reliable and perform well.

  • Competitive Prices:

Compulink offers competitive costs on all Apple items, guaranteeing that businesses can get the latest gadgets without breaking the bank.

  • Personalized Assistance:

Compulink gives personalized assistance to businesses, guaranteeing that they get the proper gadgets for their needs.

  • Convenient Delivery:

Compulink guarantees convenient conveyance of items, guaranteeing that businesses get their devices when needed.

  • Secure Transactions:

Compulink, an authorized Apple Reseller online, guarantees that transactions are safe and secure. Compulink Technologies Inc. is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for Apple items. Their broad store of gadgets and embellishments, personalized help, and competitive costs make them the go-to affiliate for businesses looking to upgrade their tech gadgets.

Why Compulink Is The Indubitable Destination for Apple Products?

Compulink Technologies Inc., a certified reseller of Apple items, offers quality gadgets at competitive costs. Their broad extent of gadgets, personalized assistance, and reasonable delivery make them the perfect choice for businesses looking to upgrade their tech gadgets. Businesses looking to improve their operations with state-of-the-art gadgets can register for free here and get in touch with their group of specialists for more information.

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What Are Advanced Managed IT Services, And How it Helps in Growing Business in 2023?

In today’s technologically evolved environment, businesses primarily rely on their IT infrastructure to achieve their goals. The rapid pace of technological innovation has resulted in a sharp rise in demand for reliable and efficient IT solutions. Managed IT services have become popular for businesses trying to improve their IT performance and streamline operations. The advanced services provided by managed IT services in New Jersey are tailored to the unique requirements of enterprises.

This article examines sophisticated managed IT services and their advantages for organizations in 2023.

IT Managed Services: What Are They?

Outsourcing IT operations to a third-party source is called managed IT services. The IT infrastructure, programs, and hardware of a business are managed and supported by these services. A service level agreement (SLA) specifying the scope of services and expectations is used to offer the services. Managed IT services ensure an organization’s IT operations’ efficiency, dependability, and security.

Among the services provided by managed IT service companies are the following:

  1. IT support and upkeep
  2. Network management and surveillance
  3. Internet security solutions
  4. Cloud services
  5. Data recovery and archiving
  6. Strategic planning and IT consulting

Benefits of Managed IT Services:

Businesses can profit from managed IT services in several ways, including:

1. Savings:

Employing and training IT workers may be expensive, which managed IT services can help firms avoid. Businesses can save money by outsourcing IT operations and avoiding costly maintenance and downtime.

2. Increased Efficiency:

By automating procedures, cutting downtime, and enhancing network performance, managed IT services can assist businesses in enhancing their IT efficiency.

3. Enhanced Security:

By offering cutting-edge security solutions and monitoring, managed IT services can assist firms in improving their cybersecurity posture.

4. Access to Expertise:

Managed IT services give clients access to highly qualified and knowledgeable IT specialists who can provide direction and support on challenging IT problems.

5. Scalability:

As a company’s demands expand or change, managed IT services can help it scale its IT operations.

What do Advanced Managed IT Services Entail?

A next-generation solution that elevates managed IT services is advanced managed services. Businesses in New Jersey can take advantage of a wide range of services, from advanced managed IT services tailored to their specific requirements. These services are provided by highly qualified and experienced IT specialists who collaborate directly with organizations to comprehend their unique needs.

Benefits of Advanced Managed IT Services:

There are several benefits of advanced managed it services, including:

1. IT problem prevention:

Advanced managed IT services offer proactive IT management solutions that let companies stop problems with their IT before they start. As a result, downtime decreases, performance increases, and user experience improves.

2. Predictive analytics:

Businesses may foresee IT issues before they arise thanks to advanced managed IT services that combine predictive analytics solutions. This makes it possible for companies to take preemptive measures to avoid downtime and lower the likelihood of expensive repairs.

3. Business Continuity:

Modern managed IT services offer business continuity solutions that help organizations quickly bounce back from IT outages. This lessens the effect of downtime on corporate operations and aids in the competitiveness of enterprises.

4. Enhanced Security:

Businesses may secure their IT infrastructure and critical data from cyber threats using advanced managed IT services offering enhanced security solutions. As a result, there are fewer chances of data breaches, financial setbacks, and reputational harm.

5. Strategic Planning:

Advanced managed IT services offer IT consulting and strategic planning services that help companies stay on top of the latest trends. This allows enterprises to adopt new technology, streamline their IT operations, and accomplish their goals.

What Businesses Can Expect from Advanced Managed IT Services in 2023?

Due to enterprises’ continued adoption of digital transformation activities, advanced managed IT services will have a greater impact in 2023. These services can give organizations the resources and know-how they need to flourish, allowing them to stay up with the pace of technological change.

In 2023, the following ways enhanced managed IT services can benefit businesses:

1. Cloud Services:

Advanced managed IT services offer organizations cutting-edge cloud services that make it simple and quick for them to scale their IT infrastructure and applications.

2. Cybersecurity:

Businesses can benefit from cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions from advanced managed IT services that shield them from new threats and weaknesses.

3. AI and machine learning:

The most recent AI and machine learning technologies are incorporated into advanced managed IT services to automate IT processes, improve performance, and decrease downtime.

4. Predictive Analytics:

Advanced managed IT services use predictive analytics to foresee IT problems before they arise, assisting businesses in staying on top of the game.

5. Strategic Planning:

IT planning and consulting services are offered by advanced managed IT services to organizations, assisting them in navigating the quickly evolving technology landscape.

How Different Industries Might Be Affected by Advanced Managed IT Services?

Healthcare Sector:

Technology can significantly affect patient care and healthcare outcomes. Healthcare firms can securely manage their IT infrastructure, electronic health records, and patient data using advanced managed IT services. These services can also help medical professionals access real-time patient data, enhance clinical judgment, and provide better patient care.

Finance Sector:

Security, compliance, and risk management are essential in the heavily regulated financial sector. Financial institutions can manage their IT infrastructure, safeguard sensitive financial data, and adhere to regulatory standards using advanced managed IT services. Financial institutions can optimize their operations, cut expenses, and raise client satisfaction by using these services.

Retail Sector:

The retail sector is a fiercely competitive market where innovation and consumer experience are crucial. Retailers can benefit from advanced managed IT services to manage their IT infrastructure better, streamline their supply chain, and improve consumer satisfaction.

Additionally, by utilizing these services, retailers may better study consumer behavior, forecast trends, and customize the shopping experience.

Industry of Education:

The education sector is fast changing due to digital transformation and the demand for remote learning solutions. Educational institutions can benefit from advanced managed IT services to manage their IT infrastructure better, improve learning management systems, and safely deliver online education.

In addition, these services can help educational institutions use data analytics and artificial intelligence to tailor instruction, enhance student performance, and simplify operational procedures.

Advanced Managed IT Services: What’s Next?

The needs of businesses are changing, and advanced managed IT services are quickly evolving to match those needs. These services will eventually combine cutting-edge technology like blockchain, quantum computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The following trends will influence the development of sophisticated managed IT services:

#Edge Computing:

Data processing is moved closer to the network’s edge using the distributed computing architecture known as edge computing. Businesses may now handle data instantly, reduce latency, and boost efficiency. In advanced managed IT services, edge computing solutions will be included to improve network performance and user experience.

#Hybrid Cloud:

A hybrid cloud is a computer environment that combines both public and private cloud infrastructure. This enables businesses to benefit from both cloud models’ scalability, flexibility, and affordability. Hybrid cloud solutions will be included in advanced managed IT services to assist organizations in managing their IT infrastructure and applications more effectively.

#Quantum computing:

Quantum computing is a branch of computing that performs complex calculations using concepts from quantum physics. This enables firms to address problems that are now beyond the capabilities of conventional computers. Quantum computing technologies will be incorporated into advanced managed IT services to give faster and more potent computing capabilities, allowing organizations to analyze enormous amounts of data and speed up innovation.


A distributed ledger system called blockchain enables safe and open transactions. Blockchain solutions will be included in advanced managed IT services to assist organizations in securing their financial transactions, managing their supply chains, and safeguarding sensitive data.


To assist organizations in providing a customized user experience, advanced managed IT services will embrace customization options. Managed IT service companies can develop customized solutions that address the particular demands of each client by utilizing data analytics and machine learning.

In conclusion:

For companies looking to streamline their IT operations and keep on top of the latest trends, advanced managed IT services provide a potent answer. These services provide various tailored solutions that enterprises may use in various industries. Thanks to advance managed IT services, businesses can benefit from proactive IT management, predictive analytics, business continuity, improved security, and strategic planning.

Businesses must employ advanced managed IT services to be competitive and accomplish their goals given the rapid rate of technological change. Consider collaborating with a managed IT service provider that provides cutting-edge managed IT services if you want to expand your business in 2023.

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Compulink Technologies Inc.- A NYS OGS PBITS Certified

We live in an era of fast-paced digitization where IT solutions have become the need of the hour in the business world. Among the many IT solution providers, Compulink Technologies Inc. has emerged as the most experience vendors to the Government with promising scaling potential. This New York-Based IT company takes care of everything from Managed IT services, and Cloud services to Network Project services. The company recently received the prestigious OGS certification from New York State to validate its competence in helping Government understand and resolve complex and simple IT problems.

With the NYS OGS PBITS certification, Compulink can now perform IT services under contract for the state of New York. Now, the company leverages the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver robust IT solutions to the various NY Government entities.

What It Truly Means To Be OGS Certified | Compulink Insight

The NYS OGS Certification serves as a contract between the NY State and Compulink Technologies Inc. that enables the IT company to streamline the acquisition of IT requirements for authorized users. Being OGS-certified means, Compulink will have to provide IT services, Cloud services, and other Implementation services and allow software procurement for the state of New York. Dedicated specialists at Compulink will now have to offer targeted and personalized IT advice and solutions to the NY State under this OGS contract. Upon receiving this certification, Compulink has direct access to the broadest range of contracts officially awarded following competitive solicitation. Compulink can now perform IT services under an OMNIA contract allocated via the lead agency model exclusive to their cooperative. Compulink can now leverage the OMNIA cooperative contracts to boost productivity and make actual savings at their company.

NYS OGS PBITS Certified compulink

How Having OGS Certification Will Benefit Compulink?

Established in 1986, Compulink Technologies has come a long way. The certification has helped the company evolve from its core business model and take on new challenges and opportunities in the field of data migration, IT implementation, managed IT services, cloud backup services & infrastructure and network cabling. With NYS OGS PBITS Contracts, the company is all set to broaden its horizon in IT support and IT infrastructure.

  1. Cost reductions that have already been agreed upon,
  2. Saving money that can be used to fund other requirements.
  3. NVP is the greatest value among cooperative contracts thanks to volume savings and enhanced terms and conditions.
  4. Well-written requests for proposals and contracts created by experienced, informed governmental procurement officers.
  5. Lowest cooperative administrative costs with no effect on supplier prices.
  6. Possibility to modify contracts to incorporate state-specific clauses.
  7. Contractors unfamiliar with government procurement can benefit from a targeted supplier engagement, development, and training programme.

Compulink Services Available Under NYS OGS PBITS Contracts

Since Compulink is now listed on the NYS OGS PBITS contracts, Government can now hire this company’s IT services from the Office of General Services site. This certification and enlistment validate Compulink as a trustworthy, reliable, and efficient IT service provider. Thus, Government agencies will easily entrust their projects to Compulink.

Here are the following services Government can hire from Compulink under this contract:

1. IT Implementation:

Whether it’s desktop imaging, asset tagging, help desk, desktop support, migration support, remote workforce upgrade or hardware and software upgrades, Compulink can provide it all. As per this contract, Government can now seek proper IT installation services from Compulink. More so, enterprises like Compulink offers the best-in-class IT installation, ensuring a fast and secure network and enhanced longevity of your equipment.

2. IT Migration Services:

Compulink has become one of the industry’s best IT migration service providers. From remote workforce upgrades and software-hardware upgrades to platform, cloud, and server migration, there are various ways by which Compulink can help you with its Migration services. Under the NYS OGS Certified contract, any company partnering with the enlisted Compulink can leverage its Migration services. Under this contract, Compulink provides reliable and robust migration services to partners while working closely with them. Over the past few months, the company has collaborated with its partners to devise a tactic to accomplish its much-needed digital transformation.

3. Network Cabling:

With enlistment on the OGS PBITS contract, any US-based agency or company can now seek network cabling installation services from Compulink. Whether it’s fiber termination, data closet cleanup, network cabling, or patch panel configuration, the IT company will meet all your network cabling requirements. After this contract, more and more agencies have been trying to reach out to Compulink for their network cabling needs. And why wouldn’t they? After all, Compulink offers seamless access to end-to-end professional IT implementation services at a much more reasonable cost. Their dedicated network architecture professionals help you build an optimized and scalable IT infrastructure.

NYS OGS PBITS- complink

About Compulink Technologies Inc.

Based in New York City, Compulink Technologies Inc. is an emerging IT enterprise in the field of IT support and solution. Established in 1986, this IT firm has now grown into a leading solutions provider, offering end-to-end migration packages, enterprise-scale solutions, private/hybrid cloud services, and delivering the best-in-class software and hardware tools. With OGS PBITS certification and OMNIA contracts, the company has a long way to go. It’s best to say that it’s just the beginning for them!

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What Is Help Desk Support? 7 Best Software In 2023 For Help Desk Support

The rapid pace of business growth requires IT support staff to be highly productive at all times. They should be able to resolve customer requests at high speed and manage various incoming support requests smoothly. That’s where the best software in 2023 for help desk support can help you.

The help desk support software solutions available in the market are the holy grail for IT support teams. The tools enable teams to track and streamline all tech support issues coming from employees as well as customers. Dive into this detailed guide to understand the concept of help desk support software and the top 7 tools businesses can choose.

Understanding Help Desk Support Software Solutions

Help desk support software solutions enable businesses to organize, manage, and respond to service-related requests. While some help desk solutions are useful for fulfilling external requests from customers, others fulfill internal requests from team members. Help desk service software includes several tools like a live chat solution, a shared inbox, and a knowledge-based platform. A help desk platform can improve your customer experience and the overall experience of your employees.

Now, let’s talk about the top 7 help desk support software solutions for businesses:

1. Compulink

Compulink provides your help desk staff the support they need with the help of dedicated remote IT help desk services. Our 24*7 help desk services are backed by certified technical experts trained to fulfill all your business needs. Compulink follows a client-first approach and focuses primarily on customer satisfaction and tech-savvy.

  • 24*7 remote IT help desk services
  • Offers support for desktop, laptop, mobile devices, networking devices, servers, and more
  • Guaranteed Service Level via SLAs

2. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is an immensely popular help desk software tool for IT and customer support departments. The API support of the platform ensures that custom embedding can be performed. Moreover, the help desk software solution offers multilingual support. Jira enables agents to develop and access customizable queues for prioritizing, managing, and allocating IT support requests. The tool offers more than 350 third-party apps and add-ons to help with asset management and customer relationship management. Jira Service Desk users can choose between cloud and data center pricing plans.

  • Highly customizable workflows
  • Hassle-free integration with various help desk tools
  • In-built reporting and SLA management features

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the most popular help desk support software for customer help desk management and CRM. It comes with a host of valuable customer service tools, like an internal help desk for employees. Using automated workflows on Zendesk can enable customer service teams to smoothly prioritize and escalate tickets. The multichannel support functionality on Zendesk’s ticket management system is extremely beneficial. It enables customers to reach out to a business via different channels like social media, chat, email, web forms, and more. The pricing plans of Zendesk are separate for individuals and enterprises.

  • Access to customizable dashboards and offer omnichannel support
  • Availability of integrated survey to calculate Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Use the “Views” feature to easily filter customer requests

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a useful tool that enables businesses to offer 24*7 customer support service without having a global team. No matter what type of products or services you are offering, the platform will help you offer high-quality support to customers consistently. The highly configurable and easy-to-manage platform is quite suitable for small businesses.

  • Availability of specific dashboards for SLA management
  • Segment customer requests using tags
  • In-depth reporting and analytics for monitoring help desk metrics

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is primarily known as a CRM tool with various sales and marketing automation features. But the help desk and IT ticketing platform from HubSpot are also extremely useful. The software enables you to route, organize, and track support tickets using a single dashboard.

Due to strong backing from its CRM, HubSpot enables customer support agents to easily link incoming tickets of a customer to their past records. By referring to previous interactions with the customers, HubSpot enables customer support teams to offer a faster and more tailored service. The pricing plans of HubSpot differ according to the services you select.

  • Canned snippets for answering frequently asked questions
  • Easy to set up automated meeting schedules with customers
  • Availability of reports related to resolution time, tickets closed, and a customer support agent’s productivity

6. FreshService

FreshService is one of the best IT help desk support in New Jersey for all your requirements. The cloud-based platform is extremely modern and intuitive. Users with little to no formal training will be able to navigate through this platform with ease. The help desk support service can be used through multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, and a self-service portal. FreshService is one of the best platforms for help desk support, with a flexible ticketing system and an in-built user portal.

  • Availability of multiple integration options
  • Highly customizable workflow
  • Valuable IT support tools

7. Cayzu

Cayzu is a help desk service platform specifically designed for startups and small businesses. It offers a lot of valuable features along with several third-party integration options. The platform is time-saving because it enables customers to start tickets via emails, web forms, or even through social media. All configurations and setups are also easy, like the ticketing system of the help desk service.

  • Supports Google Analytics integration
  • Can deal with multiple brands and products easily
  • Outstanding self-service portal with fair pricing

Final Words

Since solving IT support issues is extremely time-consuming, finding the best help desk service in New Jersey is crucial. Hopefully, our list of the top 7 help desk support software will help narrow down your search. Always remember to settle for a help desk service that caters to all your business needs.

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9 Benefits Of Managed Cloud Services For Business

The concept of virtualization underwent a transformation in the 1970s, and it is now used to refer to the construction of a virtual machine whose functioning is like a computer. With the advent of the internet, “virtual” private networks were rented out by several network providers, thus taking the idea of virtualization forward. In the 1990s, the use of virtual computers garnered popularity, which shaped up the current cloud computing infrastructure. It became popular as businesses learned more about the cloud’s capabilities and benefits.

A forecast for the market for public cloud administration and security services is shown in the statistics for the years 2015 to 2023. The public cloud administration and security market was projected to reach 35 billion US dollars in 2023.

Let’s clarify our understanding of what cloud management services are.

Managed cloud services encompass migration, upkeep, and optimization of a client’s cloud platform, whether partially or fully. A company can guarantee the effective operation of its cloud resources by utilising a managed cloud service supplier. Businesses can also save money by outsourcing cloud management to avoid the expenses of new hires and training.

Private, public, and hybrid cloud settings can all be provided by managed cloud services. It takes cooperation to work with a managed cloud services company. The managed cloud services provider assesses the user’s applications and data to decide which cloud resources are ideal for the user’s IT infrastructure. After that, they’ll create a unique plan outlining how to set up and maintain an optimised cloud setting.

Throughout the lifespan of a cloud solution, users employ managed cloud services. These services can be offered continuously or to assist with original adoption.

What Are The Components Of Controlled Cloud Services?

Various IT tasks, such as engineering on demand, operations management, round-the-clock help desk assistance, hosting, and implementation, can fall under managed cloud services. By offloading these duties to a dependable partner, you can free up your internal IT teams to concentrate on more complicated initiatives and projects that lead to new business outcomes.

Here are nine benefits of Cloud-Managed Services Providers

1. Cost savings:

You can control and reduce costly network maintenance costs by outsourcing your cloud management services. For medium-sized businesses , hiring a dedicated in-house IT team is unnecessary for small businesses with simple networks.

Cost savings-benefits of managed cloud services

2. Recurring and Predictable monthly costs:

With the flexibility of cloud management services, you decide how much you are willing to pay for IT services with a consistent monthly bill. For example: During the first quarter, more support is required by tax supporters and less in the second through the fourth quarter. Working adults need a privatized learning institute in the evening when the students are after work online. You optimized based on the fixed monthly service plan customized to fit your budget.

Recurring and Predictable monthly costs: benefits of managed Cloud Services

3. Future-proofed technology:

To future-proof your data center, migrating to a cloud is the first step. Availability to your business regarding the latest technology is the second text. Your IT person must spend company time training by hiring an in-house IT staff. The newest technology is prepared by cloud staff.

Future-proofed technology: benefits of managed Cloud Services

4. Custom and integrated service:

As cloud management services are flexible, some providers offer pay-per-service plans that are payment plans that enable your business to focus on growing funds. The converged solution is provided by other cloud management services, which allows you to save costs. Network monitoring, security protection, or new service setup are included.

Custom and integrated service: benefits of managed Cloud Services

5. Robust infrastructure:

24/7 robust network infrastructure management is offered by cloud MPSs like Agile IT. Depending upon the service management, a cloud service provider can monitor and scan the network for patch requirement security. Managed service providers manage existing business practices and policies to coincide with your organizational goals.

Robust infrastructure: benefits of managed Cloud Services

6. Cybersecurity support:

Sensitive and business-critical data is safeguarded using managed cloud hosting. Malware attacks, API vulnerabilities, and other issues are identified using the visibility of IT infrastructure in conjunction with a robust setup of built-in cybersecurity risk management features and practices, which enables MSPs to do so effectively. The latest anti-virus software, encryption, and multi-factor authentication, which includes advanced security measures, are considered a traditional part of the software. 

Cybersecurity: benefits of managed Cloud Services

7. Coverage on all service levels:

Cloud services provide better control over service levels, maintenance, and performance—our business advances due to comprehensive service agreements. Faster issue response if you work with cloud service managed services like Agile IT as it becomes more familiar with your network.

Coverage on all service levels: benefits of managed Cloud Services

8. Centralization:

The provider oversees all servers and apps in a single data center in a managed cloud network. Centralized data can be accessed with the help of virtual services as allowed by remote networks.

centralization: benefits of managed Cloud Services

9. Disaster Recovery:

Data is safe and secure across all the cloud services and applications if you use cloud-managed services. In case of any disasters, business operations can continue with minimum downtime.

Disaster Recovery: benefits of managed Cloud Services

Which Cloud-Managed Service To Choose?

Let us look into one of the oldest and top cloud managed service providers in New York City: Compulink. Compulink Technologies, Inc. was established in 1986 as a cabling network implementation business in New York City. It has evolved from its original business model to becoming a leading solutions provider, offering hybrid/private cloud services, implementing migration packages, enterprise-scale solutions and delivering market-leading hardware and software tools since it was founded.

It has grown and changed along with the IT industry since that time. For the Government, Education, SMB, Enterprise, and Health Care, this company has finished thousands of projects and assisted them in realizing their maximum IT potential. In the IT sector, change is inevitable, but our commitment to helping our customers in succeeding will never change.

Now coming to the most awaited services, Compulink Managed Cloud Services.

For many advantageous reasons, including lowering unnecessary costs and overhead, added security advantages, increased security, storage capacity, speed, and many others, the cloud is the best option for most businesses seeking to improve their IT estate.

Through the company have Managed Cloud Services, they have assisted numerous organizations in realizing the benefits of their infrastructure. From resource management monitoring to developing sophisticated cloud-native security strategies, the dedicated team will assist you in realizing the full potential of your cloud-based environment.

What Compulink Cloud Managed Services Offers?

  1. Services for full-service, end-to-end cloud administration.
  2. Benefits for general cloud administration, resource management, cloud security, and monitoring.
  3. Direct access to a knowledgeable team of IT experts who can offer advice and perspective on any cloud-related issue.
  4. Pre and post-cloud deployment assistance is dedicated.
  5. Hybrid-cloud Assistance.

Final Thoughts

Your business can accomplish various objectives in the IT department and the company at large by working with a managed cloud services provider. Compulink is the best option for your business which will reduce complexity, better cost management, and accelerate growth and innovation. So, get in touch with them today for effective managed cloud services!

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Microsoft Surface Pro Sale: Order Now To Avail Discounts

From streamlined business collaboration and enhanced data security to next-level mobility for WFH employees, the range of Microsoft Surface Pro gadgets can transform seamlessly into how your organization operates.

And what if you get these amazing, state-of-the-art Microsoft laptops at a discounted price? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you buy Microsoft Surface from Compulink. A leading US-based eStore – Compulink – brings good news for all tech lovers and business enterprises looking to upgrade their devices.

The Compulink eStore ensures customers find quality and affordability side by side on their platform. They recently announced a sale with a whopping discount on Microsoft Surface laptops.

About Compulink Microsoft Surface Pro Sale – Uncover What They Have For You

Recently, Compulink announced a sale for Microsoft Surface laptops at discounted prices for all students and business enterprises. The eStore aims to provide Microsoft laptops ideal for functioning on processor-intensive software.

From the cost-effective Surface Pro 7+ to the powerful and robust Surface Pro X, Compulink offers a wide range of top-notch quality Microsoft Surface products for sale. Every product at this eStore will come at a discounted price. The rate of discount will vary depending on the order.

Compulink will offer everything other eStores provide, with something extra on the plate, making the sale more attractive.

For instance, they will provide a warranty on products like any other provider will do. However, they will also offer seamless assistance for your easy decision-making on choosing the right Surface laptops for your workplace. This is something rare to find in other providers.

Microsoft Surface Products Available For Sale At Compulink

Although the eStore provider claims that it offers all Microsoft Surface products for sale, some of the most popular ones – like Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X – will be on the top of the list.

Businesses wondering how investing in Microsoft Surface laptops can be beneficial may take a look at the features of some of the top models and reconsider.

Get Microsoft Surface Pro X at an Unbelievable Price

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the latest Surface Pro product launched in the market with the aim of improving business mobility. Compulink brings you the thinnest Surface laptop of all time at a discounted price.

Employees working mobile or remotely can make the most out of this laptop as it’s only 1.7 pounds in weight and 7.3mm in height. What makes this product more desirable for businesses is that they get a range of features at a discounted price.

Key Features of Microsoft Surface Pro X

  1. 13″ PixelSense® touchscreen display
  2. 2880×1920 resolution
  3. Connect nearly anywhere, any time, with built-in advanced LTE
  4. Surface Slim Pen and Signature Keyboard
  5. Two USB ports to connect to docking stations, displays, and more.
  6. Choose between Microsoft SQ1™and SQ2™processors

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-X sale on compulink

Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 8 at the Most Affordable Price

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes with some great features, including an 11th gen Intel processor and a bright 13-inch display. It’s the best 2-in-1 gadget for everyday commercial usage and a respectable upgrade over the Microsoft Surface range.

Commercial customers can buy Microsoft Surface Pro 8 from Compulink eStore at the most affordable price and enjoy these features.

Key Features of Microsoft Surface Pro 8

  1. Comes with either Intel i5 or i7 11th Gen
  2. 13” display with 2880×1920 resolution
  3. Has Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  4. Removable SSD options
  5. External HDD and GPU support

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-8 sale on compulink

Transform Your Workplace Gadgets With The Cutting-Edge Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

The brand-new Surface Pro 7+ is now available at the Compulink e-store at a discounted price. This Microsoft product is incredibly versatile and portable, enabling employees to operate as they want from almost anywhere.

Carrying this laptop won’t be a hassle – whether you carry an office laptop to the coffee shop or on the go – as it only weighs 1.70 pounds. Compulink brings a great deal with Surface Pro 7+ for businesses looking to upgrade to systems that come with advanced features.

Features of Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

  1. Comes with Windows 10 Pro edition (commercial)
  2. Table-to-Laptop adaptability
  3. Wide-inch display and high resolution
  4. Great for remote work purposes

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-7 sale on compulink

Why Compulink Is a Go-To Place For Any Business’s New Gadget Requirements?

Besides this sale, where business enterprises can enjoy heavy discounts on bulk orders for Microsoft Surface products, Compulink also has some qualities and attributes that make it a go-to eStore for all commercial gadget requirements.

  • Get an assured quality product with a long-term warranty
  • Highly intuitive eStore platform for seamless navigation of products
  • Personalized customer assistance for any or all inquiries
  • Quick, efficient, and dedicated delivery of products on time.
  • Highly secure and encrypted payment portals for seamless transactions.
  • Great deals and discounts on Microsoft and other products.
  • Affordable prices for high-quality, genuine products.

Businesses looking forward to enhanced mobility, high security, and seamless collaboration and connection can upgrade their workplace gadgets with Compulink’s Microsoft Surface products. The ongoing sale for all Surface products makes it the right time to grab your deal at a great discount.

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How Do Network Cabling Services Benefit Businesses?

On average, workers spend 60 hours of their time a week at their workplace. It means they spend one-third of their day in the office during weekdays!

However, your employees will have to work on weekends or extra hours to cover up the time lost due to the malfunctioning of any business system in the office. This increases their working hours, often resulting in downtime and reduced employee productivity. This is where network cabling services come to aid.

Installing top-notch quality cabling across the business workspace allows you to avoid lengthy downtime in the office. Besides that, there are several other advantages of network cabling services for your business. Let’s find out what they are.

What Is Network Cabling?

Network cabling, also called structured cabling, is today leveraged by several businesses – small to large enterprises. Typically, these cables serve as the medium for exchanging information between devices. To be precise, network cabling refers to these cables’ infrastructure and the process of ensuring that they meet the specifications and needs of the building in which they are located. Adaptability, scalability, flexibility, less downtime, speed, and higher security are some key benefits businesses can get via network cable services in New York.

8 Key Advantages of Network Cabling Services For Businesses In New York

A wide range of gadgets and technologies have been created to be used as wireless networks for connecting networks. Yet, networks can be made more reliable and secure by using physical cabling.

Nonetheless, it is essential to assess network cabling before installing a new gadget in your place of business. Listed below are some business benefits of network cables.

1. Adaptability

Over time, there has been a clear acceleration in the pace of technological development. It implies the requirement to get ready for potential applications that will be used in the future.

Thanks to the high bandwidth provided by network cabling services, new applications can be implemented as soon as they are released.

2. Structured Cabling

When properly implemented, a structured network cabling system can ease the flow of daily activities. If the cables have become twisted, then the poorly arranged cabling may produce connectivity problems in the future. A single business standard does not govern network cabling solutions.

A dedicated network cable service provider takes care of developing a cable solution tailored to your company’s requirements. After that, your business can efficiently organize cabling for data, network, and voice needs.

3. High Speed

Twisted pair data cabling allows for greater speeds of up to 10 gigabits in certain network cabling variants. Since fiber optic cabling transfers light rather than regular data, it offers a bigger benefit over other forms. Network cabling is the best in the market as it can support high-speed usage over greater distances.

4. Minimal or No Downtime

Identifying and fixing problems with poorly arranged cabling systems may be challenging. Finding the problematic device can be difficult if multiple devices are connected to multiple networks.

Moreover, unorganized cabling arrangements are more likely to cause setup confusion and mistakes. It takes more time to diagnose a problem when your communication channels are down, and you’re forced to wade through a maze of network cables.

Your data cabling systems and your voice perform significantly better and are much more dependable when the infrastructure enables quicker and simpler fixes. In simple terms, possessing multiple devices connected to a single network facilitates fast problem identification and effective resolution.

business benefits of network cables.

5. Simplicity & Scalability

Businesses can maintain connectivity of their communications networks even as they expand by installing appropriate network cables. Without worrying about modifying the network or adjusting the framework, your business can introduce future system improvements as required.

By selecting a network cabling system, you can choose a simple and well-organized solution for your company. Establishing numerous wiring infrastructures in a single location with a well-organized cabling system is less annoying.

The reason for this is that companies rely on a variety of gadgets and IT hardware that needs wiring.

6. Cost-Effective In The Long Run

A well-designed network cabling system will enable you to cut costs and increase your bottom line because of its dependability, adaptability, and scalability. Maintenance, downtime, reorganizing, and adding new technologies to your infrastructure can all be less expensive when everything is organized.

7. Safety

Every organization must prioritize safety. A well-organized network cabling system is crucial to enhancing workplace security. With unorganized wiring, there is a higher chance of fires, trips, and electric shocks.

A structured network cabling system enables you to concentrate more on effectively managing the company. That’s because it completely eliminates the chance of any potential risks that might arise in the server room.

8. Security

The improved security measures these cable networks offer are another benefit of network cabling. While adding a complex password and using encrypted Wi-Fi can help increase wireless networks’ cybersecurity, they still fall short of the strength of network cabling solutions.

more business benefits of network cables.

Conclusion: Get The Best Network Cable Services In New York With Compulink

Every business workplace has its own set of cabling requirements. Thus, all structured network cabling system designs are unique from one another. Businesses must install their network cabling system by professionals to make sure it’s personalized and tailored to your business requirements. Having it professionally installed also guarantees that it is optimized to make the most out of the benefits outlined in this guide.

Compulink – a leading cable network service provider in New York – can assist you in establishing and maintaining a structured network cabling system that boosts productivity, lowers downtime, future-proofs your company, and saves money.

Compulink has all the expertise and skills it takes to design a scalable network cabling system for your business. So, connect with them today!

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Compulink Technologies, Inc. Vice-President of Sales, Denise Arboleda Awarded City & State Responsible 100 for Second Straight Year

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Denise Arboleda, VP of Sales at Compulink, has been recognized as one of New York City’s Responsible 100 by City & State.

Each year, City & State puts a spotlight on 100 exceptional individuals who are quietly putting in the time and effort to help address and overcome these and other challenges – and, fundamentally, to assist their most vulnerable neighbors. These business, government, nonprofit and advocacy leaders, carefully selected from hundreds of nominations, display both the idealism that underpins the belief that change is possible and a realistic understanding of the dedication required to effectuate real and enduring change. In short, this is a group that illustrates what it means to be socially responsible.”

When asked what social responsibility mean to her, Denise had this to say – “Through my work I am faced with challenges that call on me to display social responsibility. At times it may be through our annual internship program we open up for high school students, giving an eye-opening experience of what it means to work in the IT industry. In other cases, it may mean going above and beyond for a customer and delivering a solution that will truly benefit their organization rather than push the latest IT trend. It also means contributing to and giving back to our community. By participating in our local community, we are able to help share a brighter future for those just starting out.

Denise, from everyone at Compulink, we are extremely proud of you and your impact on the NYC community. This award is not only a testament to your leadership and expertise, but your compassion and drive to help others succeed. 

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