Compulink now listed on Poly OGS Contract PM69215

Compulink Technologies is proud to announce that we are now listed to the Poly OGS contract (NY PM69215). The Compulink-Poly duo has successfully enabled NY SLED Agencies to empower and upgrade their video conferencing and telecommunications infrastructure with Poly’s advanced hardware solutions.

As work-from-home and hybrid work become more relevant, it’s become crucial for businesses to provide their employees with powerful video-conferencing equipment, headsets and web cameras that allow them to stay focused and communicate effectively with team members

Poly is one of the leading manufacturers of voice and video solutions and they have been leading the front to help organizations ‘unleash the power of team collaboration.’

Compulink and Poly share the same vision of providing flexible, advanced solutions to businesses to prepare them for the influx of digital transformation for hybrid and remote workers.

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