Compulink Proud to Announce It Has Been Named A Top 10 Government Tech Solution Provider By MYTECHMAG

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New York, (New York) Oct. 11, 2021 

Compulink Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce it has been named a 2021 ‘Top 10 Government Tech Solution Provider’ by MYTECHMAG.

MYTECHMAG is a reputable IT magazine that represents the voice of prominent technology decision makers across the country. Hailed as one of the most significant achievements by the government sector, ‘The Top Government Tech Companies’ is the leading national award that recognizes “[businesses] that have translated their expertise into successful technology deliveries to address the unique challenges of Government.”

“For 35 years, we have provided government clients with best-in-class solutions to help streamline their operations and maximize the efficiency of their budgetary constraints,” said Rafael Arboleda, President and CEO of Compulink Technologies. “Compulink is honored to be recognized for our achievements and to be awarded as a ‘Top 10 Government Tech Solution Provider.’”

The annual award is given to the top 10 government solution providers in the country who “enable governments to adapt to changing environments and support citizens with greater confidence and speed.” This marks a significant milestone for Compulink Technologies, especially considering the obstacles and hurdles that businesses faced in a market-disrupting year where supply chains and distributors had limited stock.

“The strong strategic alliances we hold with our manufacturers has been crucial towards ensuring the continuation of government operations,” said Rafael. “Even though there were severe market shortages, we were able to provide key IT products and solutions to our government clients when they needed them most.”

Compulink sees itself as the best resource for IT services and solutions for the government. They have grown rapidly over the past five years and continue to expand.

“This is a very exciting time in the IT industry because there is always a new tool or technology in the works. Our plan is to capitalize on these emerging new technologies by continuing to add and expand new services and solutions to our portfolio, so our clients have the best resources available to meet their needs,” said Rafael Arboleda.

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About Compulink Technologies, Inc.
Compulink Technologies, Inc. was founded in New York city originally as a network cabling installation company, but has since evolved into a leading provider of technology solutions and services. As of 2021, Compulink Technologies, Inc. has helped thousands of companies across multiple industries achieve their IT potential through a customer-focused sales approach and commitment to client satisfaction. Compulink Technologies, Inc. is proud to be an MBE and is dedicated to helping minorities in business find success.

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