Compulink Technologies Inc.- A NYS OGS PBITS Certified

We live in an era of fast-paced digitization where IT solutions have become the need of the hour in the business world. Among the many IT solution providers, Compulink Technologies Inc. has emerged as the most experience vendors to the Government with promising scaling potential. This New York-Based IT company takes care of everything from Managed IT services, and Cloud services to Network Project services. The company recently received the prestigious OGS certification from New York State to validate its competence in helping Government understand and resolve complex and simple IT problems.

With the NYS OGS PBITS certification, Compulink can now perform IT services under contract for the state of New York. Now, the company leverages the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver robust IT solutions to the various NY Government entities.

What It Truly Means To Be OGS Certified | Compulink Insight

The NYS OGS Certification serves as a contract between the NY State and Compulink Technologies Inc. that enables the IT company to streamline the acquisition of IT requirements for authorized users. Being OGS-certified means, Compulink will have to provide IT services, Cloud services, and other Implementation services and allow software procurement for the state of New York. Dedicated specialists at Compulink will now have to offer targeted and personalized IT advice and solutions to the NY State under this OGS contract. Upon receiving this certification, Compulink has direct access to the broadest range of contracts officially awarded following competitive solicitation. Compulink can now perform IT services under an OMNIA contract allocated via the lead agency model exclusive to their cooperative. Compulink can now leverage the OMNIA cooperative contracts to boost productivity and make actual savings at their company.

NYS OGS PBITS Certified compulink

How Having OGS Certification Will Benefit Compulink?

Established in 1986, Compulink Technologies has come a long way. The certification has helped the company evolve from its core business model and take on new challenges and opportunities in the field of data migration, IT implementation, managed IT services, cloud backup services & infrastructure and network cabling. With NYS OGS PBITS Contracts, the company is all set to broaden its horizon in IT support and IT infrastructure.

  1. Cost reductions that have already been agreed upon,
  2. Saving money that can be used to fund other requirements.
  3. NVP is the greatest value among cooperative contracts thanks to volume savings and enhanced terms and conditions.
  4. Well-written requests for proposals and contracts created by experienced, informed governmental procurement officers.
  5. Lowest cooperative administrative costs with no effect on supplier prices.
  6. Possibility to modify contracts to incorporate state-specific clauses.
  7. Contractors unfamiliar with government procurement can benefit from a targeted supplier engagement, development, and training programme.

Compulink Services Available Under NYS OGS PBITS Contracts

Since Compulink is now listed on the NYS OGS PBITS contracts, Government can now hire this company’s IT services from the Office of General Services site. This certification and enlistment validate Compulink as a trustworthy, reliable, and efficient IT service provider. Thus, Government agencies will easily entrust their projects to Compulink.

Here are the following services Government can hire from Compulink under this contract:

1. IT Implementation:

Whether it’s desktop imaging, asset tagging, help desk, desktop support, migration support, remote workforce upgrade or hardware and software upgrades, Compulink can provide it all. As per this contract, Government can now seek proper IT installation services from Compulink. More so, enterprises like Compulink offers the best-in-class IT installation, ensuring a fast and secure network and enhanced longevity of your equipment.

2. IT Migration Services:

Compulink has become one of the industry’s best IT migration service providers. From remote workforce upgrades and software-hardware upgrades to platform, cloud, and server migration, there are various ways by which Compulink can help you with its Migration services. Under the NYS OGS Certified contract, any company partnering with the enlisted Compulink can leverage its Migration services. Under this contract, Compulink provides reliable and robust migration services to partners while working closely with them. Over the past few months, the company has collaborated with its partners to devise a tactic to accomplish its much-needed digital transformation.

3. Network Cabling:

With enlistment on the OGS PBITS contract, any US-based agency or company can now seek network cabling installation services from Compulink. Whether it’s fiber termination, data closet cleanup, network cabling, or patch panel configuration, the IT company will meet all your network cabling requirements. After this contract, more and more agencies have been trying to reach out to Compulink for their network cabling needs. And why wouldn’t they? After all, Compulink offers seamless access to end-to-end professional IT implementation services at a much more reasonable cost. Their dedicated network architecture professionals help you build an optimized and scalable IT infrastructure.

NYS OGS PBITS- complink

About Compulink Technologies Inc.

Based in New York City, Compulink Technologies Inc. is an emerging IT enterprise in the field of IT support and solution. Established in 1986, this IT firm has now grown into a leading solutions provider, offering end-to-end migration packages, enterprise-scale solutions, private/hybrid cloud services, and delivering the best-in-class software and hardware tools. With OGS PBITS certification and OMNIA contracts, the company has a long way to go. It’s best to say that it’s just the beginning for them!