Hiring Freeze hits Tech Industry for First Time in Years

For the First Time in Years, Big Tech Experiences Massive Hiring Freeze

Tech titans such as Apple, Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Oracle and just recently this week, Robinhood, have all announced that they will either be scaling back hiring efforts or cutting their workforces amidst a slowing economy and growing signs of a possible recession. These moves signify a major turning point in an industry that has been relatively unfazed by economic and macro conditions. Leaders and key executives have been met with difficult decisions and are bracing for difficult times ahead with over 85% of decision makers stating that they will experience their business to be impacted. 

Confidence remains high, however, amongst tech talent, with over 44% surveyed saying they are confident the recent trends will not continue and they remain hopeful market conditions will improve. Tech leaders also see this as an opportunity to hire better talent and have more leverage over contract negotiations. In the past few years, executives have stated how difficult it was to fill open positions for tech talent. This recent trend has made it easier to find qualified candidates for hiring managers. 

Only time will tell whether the tech industry will continue to slow down, but all signs point to a minor lull in what is otherwise one of the largest and most important industries.