Cisco at Web Summit 2021: Elevating Female Founders and Driving Small Business Success

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Small businesses make up 99% of the world’s business population, yet women-led start-ups received only 2.3% of Venture Capital funding in 2020, according to Harvard Business Review. This is particularly concerning in today’s business landscape, where much of the economy’s recovery rests upon small business’ own return to growth.

Cisco at Web Summit 2021: Powering a More Inclusive Future for All

At Cisco, our company purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. Ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all is in our DNA and so naturally, we want to be part of solving this problem.

This month, Cisco attended Web Summit, a global forum that brings people and companies together at the intersection of technology, people and culture. Attendees continue to search for ways to redefine business and the global technology industry whilst driving inclusion. Cisco contributed to this conversation with our focus on hybrid work and demonstrated that by bringing people together no matter where they are, we can bring more voices to the table and be more inclusive.

I was also thrilled to see the ever-growing number of female speakers at the event this year, and had the honour to be part of the incredible line-up. Cisco hosted a Masterclass Session where we heard female founders’ perspectives and gained insights into the hustle behind creating successful lifestyle brands. Attendees were treated to stories, insights and tips from Hannah Mitchell, CEO and Founder of and Hayze Bridal, and Bianca Bridges, CEO and Founder of Breakfast London and Sweathouse.

Hannah and Bianca shared how they’ve leveraged technology, combined with their grit and entrepreneurial spirit, to get to where they are today. Attendees loved the opportunity to connect with like-minded founders, were inspired to take new and bold steps with their business, and met accountability partners to include as part of their personal network to keep them on track with commitments. I’m excited to see how our impact and commitments we made together will continue as attendees connect again with their new accountability partners on November 19th for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

You can learn more about Cisco’s presence at Web Summit here.

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